Jan. 6 – Is ANYONE Besides Gateway Pundit Interested in the Truth?

I’ve been following The Gateway Pundit lately, as its coverage of News TPTB would rather bury is far above that of the Mainstream Media. Today’s link is to a story about a likely FBI plant, who appears to have instigated much of the activity for which those involved got arrested.

The ‘investigative media’ has completely lost the little credibility that it had left. A Normal American might THINK they would be interested in uncovering the story behind the so-called insurrection.

But, no.

It makes me spitefully glad that the same media is dissolving and putting those highly-paid pundits out of business. Frankly, if it weren’t for a heavy-handed effort to demonetize the Alt-Media of the Not-Left, the last shreds of that legacy business would be – Poof! Gone.

The collapse of the media into shills for a partisan side is depressing to me. I do realize that it’s been going on for some time, but, it goes against the American Ideal of a Free Press. This piece, by an outsider, is both true and disheartening.

And, yet, Facebook and other social media continue to shoot themselves in the foot. The more they try to clamp down on dissidence, the more the not-compliant work to get around the restrictions.

If it weren’t for Facebook Marketplace (like a collection of yard sale merchandise, from individuals straight to buyers), I’d stay off it entirely. Alas, I need to clear out a house of cr@p, so will likely continue to use that part of it. Also need to buy some specific stuff for the new house.

And, to end on a positive note, the new place is beginning to take shape. I’ve bought a rug, table and chairs, and a lot of other needed items. Still spend more time shopping than I’d like, but I’m learning to shop online and use the pickup options. So, better.

The only way I’m leaving the house is if I can use drive-through or curbside pickup. The rain is heavy enough to have me looking for gopherwood. And, like a cat, I HATE being cold and wet.

Yeah, that’s me

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    • Lalek on October 26, 2021 at 12:25 PM

    I would suggest that you look at the revolver.news site. Darren Beattie has been doing outstanding work on this issue and I believe heĀ  is the one who originally broke this story. It has since been picked up by Gateway Pundit and Tucker Carlson among others……
    I am Lalek.

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