The attack on whites.

It can not be made any clearer that white people, their rights, culture, history, and achievements are under full scale attack by their own government and own school systems. This sense of helplessness, together with declining job opportunities and incomes, rising prices, overrun borders, and inability to correct the situation through elections, makes it clear that white Americans have had their country taken away from them.

Do Americans Have a Future?” By Paul Craig Roberts, The Burning Platform, 10/30/21.


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    • Hoagie on October 31, 2021 at 8:15 AM

    And the real kicker is this idiocrasy is promoted by mostly white leftists.   Yeah, radicalized black racists are big promoters of White genocide (there, I said it) but there are large numbers of elite White people who for some inexplicable reason seem to desire their own demise and that of their progeny.

    Interestingly they seem to be an unholy alliance of billionaire and millionaire existentialists,  social, racial, political and gender “advocates”, and an unusually high number of Jews.    Why Jews?    Haven’t they drawn enough animosity in the last century to last them a while without allying with communists and fascists in this century?   And now we see the Pope himself throwing in with religious climate cultists and avowed communists to the utter ignorance of The Church.    Jesus wept.

    Somebody explain that to me.

  1. It’s beyond my powers to explain.  It’s rather feeble to observe that prosperity might fuel a sense that Western nations are just giant cornucopias that can be relied on to disgorge all that is necessary.  And if the flow of necessities and luxuries should fall short for some reason then socialist governments can dip their magic wands into the flow of commerce and divert the missing swag, all totally without negative effect on the overall enterprise.

    There is thus no understanding at all of systems and all that it takes to develop, expand, and maintain them.  Discipline of any kind is unknown and when attempted seen rather as meanness than as necessary maintenance.

    Magical thinking enters into it too.  There can be massive rioting, looting, and arson in the streets of the nation and all we need is a government official or film star to wiggle her nose and the trash gets picked up, the blood washed away, and the neighborhoods rebuilt.

    Still, I don’t understand the allure of the idea of “mankind” let alone the idea of mankind whose suffering has been uniquely caused by white people.  Perhaps huge numbers of us are taking part in a giant sensory deprivation experiment where every thought is unmoored and/or amplified into whatever.

    I remember reading a science fiction short story in the 1960s where a man goes into a sort of movie theater and pays for a sensory experience of some kind.  He finds himself in a jungle where a vine attaches itself to his leg and start to suck his blood.  He discovers that his experience is quite real and reacts in time to save himself.  The Borg is like that man initially it seems.  If it isn’t downright malevolent, for which notion there is abundant evidence in my view.  Bottom line with that is that they seem to think their billions now will translate into functioning cattle ranches, truck deliveries, hospitals, farms, police forces, and armies who will all play an obedient part in a hoped-for new reality that will be just like it is now but with 96% fewer people.

    • Georgiaboy61 on November 3, 2021 at 1:15 AM

    “Attacks on whites” are being framed as an issue of racial justice, but if one unpacks the ideological and other motives behind the attacks, one finds all sorts of interesting things.

    History tells us that it is not strength which is provocative of aggression, but perceived weakness. Moreover, history also tells us that mediocrity and failure are the default conditions for most of humanity most of the time; greatness and high-achievement are correspondingly rare. The mediocre and unaccomplished are not resented, whereas the successful and accomplished are.

    One wag phrased it as “They hate us because they ain’t us!” and that’s not far off the mark. People of European ancestry – a.k.a. whites – are resented and even hated not because of their failures, but because of their successes. To list all of the accomplishments and firsts of European civilization over the last ten centuries would require a multi-volume set of books, so we’ll not attempt to list them here, except to note that Europeans (including North Americans and the other parts of the Anglophone world) invented the modern world and pretty much everything in it.

    There are two primary groups ideologically-speaking, which desire the downfall of western civilization: Islam and the communists, who together form the “Red-Green” alliance. Despite their differences, they are united by their shared enmity and hatred of Christianity and western civilization.

    Globalism, another very powerful force in today’s world, is animated (especially in Europe itself) by the eugenic ideas of the founder of modern pan-European globalism and the European Union, Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalgeri. Kalergi, who was born of mixed race to a Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, believed that the “ideal” European of the future would be a racial-ethnic hybrid such as himself, a product of selective breeding/eugenics between the darker-skinned peoples of the Third World and native European stock.

    Opinions vary as to the reasons the modern globalists – such as George Soros – are so captivated by his theories, and are putting them into action, but one is simple self-interest: Europeans, as a race or group of people, have proven themselves to be formidable in a number of ways which are, shall we say, inconvenient to those who would rule us.

    The historic European man has had virtually no peer in terms of his proficiency as a soldier, for example, or as an inventor. And the ideas that animate human freedom in much of the world, many of them originated in places like the Scottish Enlightenment and other European intellectual-philosophical movements. Hybridizing native Europeans may be seen as a way to make them more-compliant to the sort of neo-feudalism the globalists are selling.

    Logically, it is impossible for a European of today to be guilty of the crimes committed by his forefathers (assuming that they actually took place) two or three-centuries ago, but memories of such things are long in certain parts of the world, and many Third-World peoples and nations still chafe under the memory of European colonization. Quite frankly, it is seen as “payback” for much of the diaspora of the Third-World to flood into the First, since our dark-skinned brothers and sisters are only doing to us what was once done to them.

    Finally, there is the existence of a peculiar trait which seems unique only to certain Europeans, especially northern Europeans such as the Scandinavians, who arose in ancient times to build highly-homogeneous so-called “high-trust, high-IQ” societies. Those seeking to exploit such cultures and societies have discovered that a potent brand of ethno-masocism and self-hatred can be induced in these societies and peoples by such things as Cultural Marxism and its conditioning and brain-washing. The weaponization of guilt, one might term it.

    Such hatred of one’s own culture, ethnicity and race would be seen as madness by much of the rest of the world, where people are expected to be in favor of their own kind, and where those who are not are ostracized and stunned. No one is surprised that a Han Chinese favors his own kind and the things that are good for his kind, but only in the West, do we see this now-reflexive self-loathing. Indeed, those who remain proud of their own kind and unapologetic for being who they are – are now often derided as hateful, bigoted and xenophobic, even though they may be none of those things.

    There are also the unaligned nations and peoples, for lack of a better term, people outside the historic West who desire to modernize but not to “westernize,” meaning that they wish to be cutting-edge societies technologically, but wish to keep their own ways of living, customs, and traditions. They – often quite rightly, one might add -decry the moral decadence of the post-modern West and seek to avoid that fate. Some of these people are keen to see western civilization fall on its face, whereas others are not or are indifferent.

    As far as people of European ancestry are concerned, history shows us that no one – no people, nation, or civilization – remains “on top” and dominant forever. Great civilizations have life cycles, just as individual people do: They are born, grow, mature into stability and perhaps greatness, and then in time, they decline and wither away. The lucky and/or wise ones age gracefully and do not try to hold on to their glory days too long, lest they be dragged into the deep when those finally sink from view. In time, since these things run in cycles, that nation and people may again be great.

    1. Thank you for an outstanding comment. Very astute.

      I think a lot of how to find and remove the keystone of the beliefs of huge numbers of our citizens. That high trust phenomenon makes it difficult for citizens to realize that such trust should not be extended to politicians, academia, the press, the corporations, Wall Street, or the banks. When you add in unparalleled comfort and security, it takes a motivated person to step outside of the bubble of “everything is fine.” That somewhat feeble theory may be vindicated if, as seems likely, economic privation, stunted careers, and the effects of further third-world immigration and black crime and spoliation will combine to remove the frost from the pumpkin and reveal the malevolence of those calling the shots. More than anything I think exposing the sheer malevolence of the political class will be an exceedingly jarring experience of millions. Look for a forthcoming post with a quote about the tools of American demoralization. One or two tools may not be enough to wake anyone up but when you read what a multi-front attack it is it’s hard to avoid concluding that it’s a stellar malevolence that’s at work.

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