Grotesque distortion.

Let’s be clear: I’m a screaming capitalist, but a pandemic world in which Bezos, Musk and other billionaire wealth has increased by 70% while 89 million Americans have lost their jobs is NOT capitalism, but a symptom of a rigged system in which the anti-trust rules I learned in law school, or the social and economic principles I learned in economics are simply gone.

Then again, when I was in school, we were once taught how to think, not what to think.

With each passing day, we see increased evidence of what I wrote (and described) elsewhere as “a new feudalism marked by grotesquely distorted notions of truth, reporting, data, natural market forces and political/financial accountability.[1]

I thought about titling this post “The New Feudalism” which would be, in truth, an excellent title. I could even have tried “Neo-feudalism R Us” given the modern penchant for slapping “neo” in front of various terms as though something long lost from human memory had mysteriously risen from the grave to haunt us.

“It’s baaaackkk!”

But, I really like the word “grotesque” when it comes to trying to come to grips with our final-stage experiment in self-government, and what could be a better word to tack on there to capture our aristrocrapic class’s worshipful embrace of deceit, lies, dissembling, and bullshit and every manner of attack on free speech and those brave enough to exercise it? Yes, you pathetic worm, resist and your job, reputation, and peace of mind are ours. What bill of rights, you toad? FOAD.

Mr. Piepenburg ominously — but correctly — observes that “If there’s one thing history and free market forces have taught us it’s this: In the end, broken systems die and real money returns.” And, muchachos, we certainly got us a broken system right now, though don’t look to any MSM outlet or so-called legislator to, uh, like notice this fact. Where they’re concerned all we have is a gang of boodle whores and they’ll sell out their mothers for a ticket on the gravy train of tax and Tinker Bell money.

Count on this, though. Whatever comes from the mouth of any politician or the keyboard of any trained seal will be all about putting lipstick on this pig. If you expect genuine efforts to restore what might laughingly be called sanity you will be disappointed and this freight train without brakes will plunge further and faster into the night.

Okay. Time for another margarita. I commend the whole article to you as one of the finer efforts to capture the stupidity and viciousness of the woke political, economic, media, corporate, and financial boot lickers.

[1] “How Long Can Lies & Control Supplant Reality & Free Markets?” By Matthew Piepenburg, ZeroHedge, 11/9/21.