It’s Been a Rough Month

Moving. Trying to stock the new house. Transferring a business across states. Long-term physical issues. Missing my adjustable bed and electric lounge chair.

Family issues. Weather. Missing my radio club activities. Escalating economic problems in America and the world.

So, I’m mostly posting at Right As Usual – The Next Generation. And, making my Task Lists every day, and working to cross things off them.

Like yesterday. I got some of the things I’d gone out for accomplished. I put correspondence in the mail. I returned library books. I paid bills, did household chores, and talked – several times – to my husband.

But, one of the BIG items on that list did not get done.

I’d headed out to Lowe’s, so talk to someone about which snowblower would be the best for me to handle (probably cordless, and generally as lightweight as would do the job). I’d looked at several models online, and was hoping to keep the cost around $500.

Not happening! Other than the very expensive models that were both bigger than I could handle, and around $1000 – or more – the pickings were slim. I asked, and was told that for many items that would normally be on the shelves, they were still waiting, and with no indication of when the products would make it to the store.

Yep. The supply chain, for larger items, is basically in slow-motion shutdown. If it’s in the store NOW, grab it. It likely will NOT be available in the near future. That’s Christmas stuff, large machinery and tools, home products, business equipment, and a lot more.

My fall-back is Home Depot. They seem to have the products I need in stock, and can deliver in a day or two (or I could pick them up, to shorten the time, and improve the chances they won’t be sold out under me). As I am in need of snow removal equipment, and this is Northern Ohio, this isn’t something I can just delay.

Winter is coming.