Just to Catch You Up

I DID get the cordless snow blower, at a good price. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long – even at a megastore like HD, the supplies are limited, and the cheaper ones are going fast.

And, in an associated note, make sure you get TWO batteries – and the charger (some boxes do not include them). I had to wait for quite a time, because they had to search the back rooms to scare up the batteries and chargers. If one part comes, but not the other, you have a very expensive bit of modern sculpture.

I also picked up some household items, noted that Walmarts is deficient in certain clothing items (so, no sale prices on things they ordered in overabundance), and it’s my general feeling that they are seeing the downsides of their reliance on China’s exports.

Not that it stopped me from taking advantage of low prices for knockoff Tylenol Arthritis meds. I’m loading up on some basic OTCs while I can.

And, in a girly moment, I had my hair trimmed at Fantastic Sam’s. The stylist did a great job, and nothing brings up a woman’s spirits like a really good haircut. When I was talking to them, I happened to mention that I sell individual and senior health insurance, and I passed out cards to some interested people. So, win-win.

It’s been great weather lately, warm for November, and the rain has dried up, making it possible to do some yard work. I’m working on locking in my new gas supplier with a fixed rate extended contract – something tells me that, between rising fuel prices, and a possible hard winter, that’s a good idea.

I’m starting to write again – first time I’ve done much in the last year. I was just too distracted and not able to concentrate, other than blog posts.