Six days of Weather Channel climate hysteria.

11/9/21 — “Weather Influences Diseases in Honey Bees, Study Finds.” Honey bee populations struggle. Six honey bee diseases heavily influenced by certain types of weather. Diseases not all affected by weather in the same way. Climate variability and diseases. Scientists hope their research will help shine a light on the impact climate change could ultimately have on these pollinators. Discussion of weather morphs into issue of climate change.

11/8/21 — “Countries Drastically Underreport Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Investigation Finds.” I blame Satan.

11/8/21 — “Half of Population Will Be Vulnerable to Coastal Storms, Tsunamis by 2030.” Protect coastal communities from the worsening effects of climate change, like stronger Tsunamis. I’m thinking tsunami allright but not of seawater.

11/7/21 — “Global Warming Started Earlier Than Thought.” Before my first cup of coffee.

11/7/21 — “Lakes in Northern Hemisphere Warming Freakishly Fast.” A warming world, greenhouse gases need to be cut . . . . Ten degrees Centigrade PER HOUR.

11/5/21 — “Lake Shrinks 100+ Miles in 25 Years.” Guess why.

11/5/21 — “This Russian Town Has No Water to Fight Wildfires.” Climate change. Use vodka.

11/4/21 — “Satellite Images Show Fingerprints of Climate Change..” Satellites show devastating impact, western U.S. ravaged by wildfires as areas become hotter and drier in our warming world, glaciers are melting as the arctic heats up. It’s now warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Spots of blue on Greenland ice sheet show how much it’s melting. Sahara Desert in Algeria with snow. Species are migrating like these water hyacinths. Experts say world has just 11 years to cut emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Eek. WAAGTD!

Parent company: IBM. I could be wrong but I think I detect an agenda here.

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  1. “Lake warming freakishly fast”?
    Water has a high specific heat capacity. If that “lake” isn’t as shallow as a puddle, it just AIN’T GONNA HEAT UP THAT FAST.
    You can test that out in your own home.
    Heat a small amount of water in a LARGE post – say, enough water to make some instant cocoa. It won’t take long if the temp of the burner is high.
    Now, try a larger amount of water in the same pot. It’s gonna take a LOT longer.
    Why? It’s in the same pot.
    Yeah, but water takes a long time to heat up (and, to cool down). It’s why, even when the air temperature of CA is blazing, the ocean is freezing. Same for why you can jump into the reservoir and be instantly cooler, even when the heat wave has been lingering for MONTHS.
    Water’s temperature changes lag considerably behind the air.
    So, UNLESS a ‘hot spot’ opens up in the crust of the Earth, no, the water is not going swing its temperature much. A magma-event might cause it, but it ain’t gonna be Climate Change.
    Sorry for being so basic. I’m writing this so those without a lot of science knowledge (a very small minority here) can comprehend.

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