More Weather Channel climate hysteria.

12/1/21 — “Western Mountains Could Soon See Years of No-Snow Winters, New Study Says.” California could be hit in the late 2040s. Low- or no-snow winters by 2050. Warmer waters in the Pacific lead to less snow in winter storms. Snow pack last year at its peak was down 41% and California’s wet season is getting shorter. MAJOR implications for California’s water supply. The study is here. The crystal ball predicts no snow in approx. 35-60 years because of anthropogenic climate change, a new “no-snow” definition, annnndd model predictions. Look out endangered species.

But, this article is one of 20 articles on “snow” at Watts Up With That?: “Remember, The British MET Called the End of Snow Last December.” By Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That?, c. 3/21. Apparently people in the “no snow” corner think that actual observations that contradict computer models can be dismissed as due to “black box ‘natural variation.’” I’m not sure what “black box” means but it think it’s something like “magic” or “deus ex machina.” E.g., from the article: volcanic eruptions shielded the earth or “the oceans swallowed the missing heat.” Ergo, go with the models.

11/29/21 — “More Damaging Hurricanes Could Be Coming for Northeast, Study Finds.” Warmer temps and YKWIMAITYD. And 35,000 computer-generated storms . . . . QED.

11/23/21 — “Study: Extreme Heat Exposure in Cities Has Tripled.” 300 deg. F?! Cities hotter due to people, pavement, and, yup, greenhouse gases. Recent assessment by IPCC — intense heat waves becoming more common. Needed: better heat action plans. Extreme heat kills more people annually in the U.S. than any other weather. Get it? Greenhouse gases –> warming –> heat increase –> death.

11/23/21 — “Armadillos Roaming New Territory Thanks to Climate Change.” Habitat alteration and climate change likely causes.

11/19/21 — “Thousands of Giant Sequoias Killed in Wildfires.” Fires sparked by lightning and — you guessed it! — “with climate change making droughts worse and fires more intense the worst may yet be to come.”

11/18/21 — “Drone Captures Devastation in British Columbia.” Since drought in California is intensifying due to climate change (see above) the Weather Channel can’t bring itself to blame the flooding just up the road in Canada on climate change so the flooding has cut off access to Canada’s largest port in Vancouver “and that is disrupting the global supply chains which are already reeling, as we know, from the pandemic.”

11/16/21 — “COP26 Climate Summit Ends with Coal Compromise.” “Environmental activists say the deal that calls for a reduction in coal power [“the soft dance on coal”] will make avoiding the worst effects of climate change a lot harder.”

11/12/21 — “The U.K.’s First Climate Change Refugees are from Fairbourne, Wales. But Some Refuse to Leave.” “In north Wales, residents in the small coastal village of Fairbourne face being the U.K.’s first ‘climate refugees.’ Authorities say that by 2054, it would no longer be sustainable to keep up flood defenses there because of faster sea level rises and more frequent and extreme storms caused by climate change.” Four-inch rise in the last 100 years but predicted (by the IPCC) “to rise to 1 meter” by 2100. So 10 cm. in 100 years and an additional (?) 90 cm. in 79 years. Or 0.1 cm./yr. v. 1.1 cm./yr. or 11 times faster rise between now and 2100 than in the previous 100 years. Some kinda global warming climate change. Because CO2.

11/12/21 — “Island in Chesapeake Bay Could Soon Become Uninhabitable. Seas are rising so fast on Virginia’s Tangier Island, researchers say residents may soon be forced to flee.” May become uninhabitable wetlands as early as 2051.Rising sea only a local phenomenon. “Just one of many islands in Chesapeake Bay being engulfed by water as the world warms.” Question: Does the sea level rise only in certain parts of the ocean or is this island really just barely sticking out of the water? Note to self: check elevation of island. (Clock ticks.) Oh, it’s 3 feet.

11/11/21 — “The River Thames Has Been Invaded by Venomous Sharks, and Ecologists Are Thrilled.” The river’s been cleaned up so the increased life is good but . . . “The Thames isn’t completely in the clear. It still faces rising temperatures and water levels because of climate change.”


  1. I live in the Lake Erie Snow Belt (western half, less snow, but still…).
    It’s hard to sell this idea of warmer temps as a problem, as we have had several days of sloppy wet early snow already. You can’t find a low-priced snow blower in the stores (I am so grateful that I managed to get mine early). Rock salt is hard to find. Snow removal subscriptions are filling up fast.
    And, I’ve spent the last month working on weather-prepping my house. I’ll have the materials by Friday evening to sew those rice-filled bags called ‘draft dogs’. That should help. In the meantime, I’ve placed some blankets and afghans along the bottom of the french doors leading to the sunroom. It’s already made the living room more comfortable.
    So, the idea of a mild winter does NOT concern me. The rising cost of fuel does. (Although I was absurdly pleased, yesterday, to find local gas – NOT limited to cash sales – at $2.99/gal. Even better, I had a near-empty tank – but no more!).

  2. Local premium gas yesterday was $4.15 here in Wyoming. Less with a grocery store discount card.

    The fall here is slightly warmer here I estimate by the finger in the wind method. But temperature variability is the name of the game here and only fools venture to predict. All told it’s a smidgen warmer since the 1950s according to the speedometer but I’m not taking any valium over it. I was thinking this morning of the Indiana Dunes along the south shore of Lake Michigan. There was a display I visited that indicated that there were tree stumps in 40 feet of water there. And there are remains of villages between England and Denmark. A few more inches or even feet are just dust on the dresser in earth time. But, hey, let’s all clutch our pearls and “solve” stuff like the Three Stooges weekend wallpaper project.

    Taking a sliiiighhhtlyyy longer view of this here “climate change” dealy, I find it hard to get excited about any “trends” one way or another. As someone sagely observed, anything you can’t do something about isn’t a problem. And the whole decarbonization thing is just dishonest. Yes, carbon is Beelzebub.

    I’ll have to try those draft dogs to seal some of the drafts we have.

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