The death rattles of political legitimacy.

Yes, the 1% now own more wealth than the entire US middle class, a definition traditionally reserve[d] for kleptocracies and despotic African banana republics.[1]

This ZeroHedge year end review from which this is taken is well worth your time to read in its entirety.

Right after this passage you will find the thought that “the world’s established forces will not allow it [change desired by the people] and will fight to preserve the broken status quo at any price . . . .” That is the subject of much of my head scratching these days, namely, how have we so successfully fouled our own nest; driven integrity, wisdom, law, common sense, originality, and decency from the public square; and allowed ourselves to be controlled by our enemies and inferiors? Where are the leaders? And why are we on autopilot?

As one wit put it, the left went from “Occupy Wall Street” to “Occupy Restrooms.” One hell of a deflection but an inevitable one it seems.

But the right has been no less feeble and ridiculous. Raise the “debt ceiling”? Sure. Play hard ball on sealing the border or instituting mandatory e-Verify? Never. Make speeches from the floor after hours to educate the people? Too much effort.

We have the bright future of an animal with its paw in a trap. Every move is pointless and changes nothing. Repression, manipulation, and oligarchy are the order of the day with people like Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Bezos, Cuomo, Pelosi, Shiff, Brennan, Clinton, Newsom, Biden, Dorsey, nameless, pimply-faced fact checkers, and assorted other political whores calling the tune of public life. Algorithms cancel free speech. Whites and our culture are filth.

This appears to be set in stone as little has been done to wring vote fraud out of the equation. Honest debate on any issue is impossible and even hazardous. A political resolution of the nation’s ills is thus remote. Representative government has withered everywhere in the West and only the forms remain.

Political legitimacy takes centuries to create but the great statist experiment inaugurated by FDR has both succeeded totally and brought us to the brink of collapse as only an abandonment of liberty will do. Some 90 years on countless economic graphs bloom with curves soaring to the skies on the right side. You know the ones. But no corrective force operates. We have piss ants for statesmen and incompetents command the armies. Buffoons rule the airwaves and the Constitution is an afterthought at best, its destruction a matter of complete indifference to every state bar association.

Donald Trump was the hope of the Deplorables but he faltered and will ultimately be seen as a lost opportunity of epic proportions. The Marjorie Taylor Greenes will be the next to be heard from, she herself being of vastly sterner stuff than Donald. If she and the Bronx Tinas are shut out then there will be no peaceful resolution to our political decay. The forthcoming economic spasms will catalyze the worst of our pathologies and the radicalization of the productive. Ownership of media monopolies will count for nothing. If the left so hates the present, eviscerated constitutional order, what bright thing will replace it exactly? Does anything in the last century look remotely familiar?

[1] “2021 Greatest Hits: The Most Popular Articles Of The Past Year And A Look Ahead.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 12/31/21.