Back to the Spoils System?

I just read a news report that a federal judge overturned Biden’s mandate on Federal Employees. He based his ruling on the argument SCOTUS used to overturn his illegal measure for private businesses.

However, the news sparked the tangential question shown in the title above. Biden’s secretaries have been firing or forcing resignations for military and civil service members who fight the violations of their individual rights. Given the Left’s penchant for declaring all that disagree with any of their agenda items being labeled “right wing extremists,” they are presuming that all resistors are not members of their party.  And basing such eliminations on party affiliation is no different than what was common in America until a few years after the Civil War.

Under guise of Wuflu vax demands not only not being being met, but being treated as a treasonous crime, this result is no different than what would happen had all civil service and military protections been summarily erased. And not by passage of any new law either.

So, deemed not a member of the party, you’re summarily dismissed. That is what the usurper regime has been trying to pull off.

Is that not how the old spoils system worked?

Maybe I’m off based. Please don’t hesitate to correct me.

For now, just let me enjoy the thought that here is simply one more glaring example that everything the Progressives aim to do is regressive. They will do whatever it takes to revert the West back to patricians* and plebeians, nobles and slaves.


*With patricians I’m being polite beyond what is really warranted. However I will never agree to use the word elite for these illegitimi.

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    • SteveF on January 23, 2022 at 9:07 PM

    The difference of the modern system from the old spoils system is that under the old system someone was simply fired. No taint attached to him. Under the current system, the discharged military personnel can have their entire lives screwed up because of the malice surrounding the demands that the get the clot shots. I think the militarized parts of the bureaucracy — the so-called law enforcement agencies — are the same. I don’t know what happens to Joe Pencilpusher if he is fired for lack of ideological conformity.

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