Just Woke Up a Short Time Ago

It’s really NOT like me to sleep in. I generally beat the birds out of bed.

But, my sleep has been strewed with woke-in-the-night moments for the last several days (NO idea why), so, I didn’t get up until around 8:30.

I checked the fridge (most of the things I planned to make were held up by the limiting ingredient – the milk is finito – so I put on some coffee and sausage, and sat down to catch up on news – well, KINDA news, as most of network TV is.

I did a quick check of the morning “news” shows. Lots of celebrities hyping their latest efforts to suck money out of the audience’s purse. Fox had a talking head about the bridge collapse in PA – more here. As you might suspect, the money that was INTENDED to pay for repairs and replacement went to more IMPORTANT things.

Now, a person NOT believing in conspiracies might think “How TERRIBLY convenient the timing of this ‘accident’ was!”. Such a person would assume that the Left, as is their wont, jumped on a human tragedy for political reasons, and plan to jump-start the BBB bill, with frills and MUCHO, MUCHO more demands on our hard-earned money. There are, in fact, coincidences in life, hard to distinguish from planned action, and leading the more suspicious of us to feverishly work to connect imaginary dots.

OTOH, it truly wouldn’t take much to weaken a bridge with little traffic, and wait patiently for the inevitable fall. With Trump out of office, it might seem that at least a few of the people working in 3-letter agencies have a little time on their hands before they gear up for the next election. You might even say that this could represent a desperate effort to salvage a failing administration, by giving them at least ONE ‘success’ to brag about.

On to COVID fears and misconceptions. The forcible jabbing is deeply unpopular, both with Americans who have a spine, and, now, Canadians.

The actual numbers of unvaxxed truckers aren’t all that high; in percentages, it’s around 10%.

Yet, somehow, those few men and women will ABSOLUTELY prove to be a risk, despite their prior work before a shot was available, was NOT a risk (well, it was, but mostly to THEM). If you had to come up with a percentage that represented ‘herd immunity’, 90% comes awfully close.

So, it’s not the danger those truckers pose to the public. It’s their defiance of the government that cannot be accepted.

People who’ve never met Canadians won’t understand this. By and large, despite Canadians being near-genetic twins of Americans, their culture is VERY different. The most fervent wish for a Canadian is to get along with others. The government makes insane mandates non-negotiable – that EVERY communication between organizations (public or private) and the public be bilingual (English and French). That was brilliantly mocked in Canadian Bacon.

Still makes me chuckle.

The Canadian Left is used to imposing their demands by fiat. And, to getting little to no pushback. Canadians just don’t like to make waves (well, other than the damn French-speaking ones). That a small group of truckers are saying, not just “Hell,NO!”, but taking direct action is causing the Trudeau administration to “mouiller leur culottes” (if that’s not a good translation, blame Bing).

CBC – the Canadian national broadcasting station – is merely covering the “few thousand” who showed up at the Ottawa government offices. They aren’t even mentioning the truck convoy.

This protest is VERY popular with the public. Average people worldwide are getting tired of being pushed around.

My personal thinking about COVID deaths?

It’s hitting the elderly and weak almost exclusively (and, yes, the Fat, but, like it or not, they ARE part of that group). In recent years, the more advanced nations managed to keep old people alive long after they would have died in a less medically saturated environment – similar to the % that occurred before WWII. So many are living LONG past retirement age, that the monetary effort to keep them alive is draining money available to the young.

Have some fun playing around with the stats on these interactive graphs.

The ones that died during COVID were living on borrowed time. OK, a few were helped on to their Final Reward by the vicious actions of some of the Democratic Left, but most of the deaths, other than that, occurred to people who had exhausted their lifespan, and just needed a small nudge to start the slide into death. Only a tremendous expenditure of money and resources could keep many of them going.

Now, there was some degree of medical/nursing malpractice involved. The widespread practice of putting those patients with respiratory distress on their backs may have made things worse. I know I do resist my husband insisting on dragging me out of bed, sitting up in a chair, and clapping me on the back when I’m having a bad respiratory infection. All I want to do, at that point, is lay down and close my eyes.

That natural desire has to be challenged, lest the excess fluids not get expelled. To do otherwise risks severe complications, and even death.

Other useful techniques here. Why the techniques are so helpful explained here, and the practice is part of a study at Boston University.

The alternative to assisting the ill, sequestering those who are actually ill, and letting rest of us just get on with our lives, is destroying the economy, handicapping our children’s education and normal development, and furthering a fearful, isolated society.

Not worth it.

Take a FREE breath!


    • Dr. Mabuse on January 31, 2022 at 2:17 PM

    I’ve been watching live YouTube video of this protest on the streets of Ottawa, and one of the most remarkable things I’ve seen is that almost no one is wearing a mask.  I haven’t seen that sort of carefree confidence for 2 years now, and I can only hope it spreads.

  1. Excellent stuff, Linda. And Happy St. John Bosco’s Day!

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