Would “sinister” be the right word for this?

Fifty percent? An increase of 32% in 49 years?

In contrast to the idea that a globalist depopulation agenda would be the result of the die-off of billions and billions of people across the world, the actual realization of this pursuit appears to be much more subtle. That realization is also becoming harder and harder to deny. This is demonstrated in part by recent revolutions from England and Wales from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (“ONS”). The ONS recently found that more than 50% of women in England and Wales born in or after 1990 were childless by the time they turned 30 in 2020. The literal majority of 50.1% drastically increased from a rate of just 18% measured in 1971.[1]

Just like millions of high-fertility, third world invaders just “ended up” in the ghettoes, banlieus, Sensitive Urban Zones, and assorted other no-go areas of Western countries?

And tens of thousands of American factories just drifted across the Pacific to the shores of a communist country without a peep from the unions or the Commerce Deptartment? Stuff happens, lads.

If salus populi is a consideration that seems to you to be strangely missing from the calculations of our “leaders” you are not alone:

Why wage a war in furtherance of interests not our own? ask paleoconservative patriots like Messrs. Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson. The question, alas, is a non-sequitur, as it is incorrectly premised on the false notion that the United States government and Department of State conduct foreign policy in the interest of the American people. The assumption of congruity between US foreign policy and the interests of the American people is utterly false.[2]

Ms. Mercer’s last sentence there warrants a separate “pearls of expression” treatment all by itself.

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[2] “Neocons, Neolibs & NATO Inch Us Closer to Nuclear War with Russia.” By Ilana Mercer, The Unz Review, 1/27/22.


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