Full spectrum dominance.

The push for total censorship is relentless. You can’t say THAT and you certainly can’t say it THERE.

WikiLeaks was a threat and they took care of that.

The Drudge Report was a threat and they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. were potential threats and they got these “private companies” to implement their programs to end “misinformation” and “dangerous” content.

They always had the mainstream media, but they are subsidizing their continued existence so they can continue to run cover and protect the authorized narratives.

Joe Rogan and Spotify were becoming a threat …

This Trucker protest is a threat and so they have mobilized all their assets to make sure this threat doesn’t spread world-wide.

Substack citizen journalists are becoming a threat so there is now a “campaign” to shut them down.

I see a pattern here. I see an effort to neutralize any threat that might prevent the Powers that Be from fully implementing their complete agendas.

Comment by Give Me Some Truth on “NY Pension Fund Worried About Spotify “Misinformation” As CEO Refuses To ‘Cancel’ Rogan.” By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 2/7/22.