A side order of hypocrisy, garkon, svp.

But oddly, if you dare to point out fascists in Ukraine you’re told that such people are a small minority, that most of those on Maidan, and then supporting the post-Maidan government, were normal, decent, democratic folk, and you shouldn’t allow the presence of a “few extremists” to taint the “revolution of dignity” as a whole.

Now, if it were different people saying these different things, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But as we’ve seen with the case of Amnesty, it’s not. Nor is it in the case of Canada’s political elite, including the ruling Liberal Party. Fascists in Ukraine? That’s Russian disinformation, they tell us. When the mob attacked the police and toppled the [Ukrainian] government, they saw only democracy. But a bunch of truckers sitting around in Ottawa honking their horns – fascism! A threat to our most cherished values.[1]

The reference to Amnesty is about its conclusion that the Ukrainian government’s actions in 2014 were not justified as they did not “pass the test of being a ‘pressing social need . . . .’” The disturbances in Maidan Square were the start of a coup d’etat and tens of people were murdered by snipers. No pressing need to shut that down, I see.

Well, it’s just another day in the joke that Western civilization has become. Who knew that mild-mannered Canada, brash Oz, and Krazy-Kat/rock-and-roll/Route-6 America would embrace state repression with such glee. Question mark.

[1] “Fascists in ottawa. None in kiev!.” By Paulr, Irrusianality, 2/4/22. The sappy bleating in this article of one Alex Neve about the fwightful Canadian truckers’ protest is a classic of manufactured snowflake outrage and airiness about the truth, shall we say.