Useless, feeble, back-stabbing conservatives — episode 361,673.

Two years after leaving the EU Britain has made almost none of the promised progress towards economic liberalisation. While Brussels hasn’t been helpful, libertarian ministers in the Tory government have been both conquered by the bureaucracy of the civil service and even turned into high spending statists. There has been no attempt to reduce the state’s suffocating dominance over the economy.[1]

Forget the sophistries of left-right, socialism, fascism, capitalism, trickle down, stimulus, free trade, cheap labor and the like. All topics that stimulate the lizard brains of grasping, conniving, race-baiting, grifting, spirit cooking midgets to be sure. But here is a issue of the ages staring us right in the eyes: We’ve allowed massive power to drift into unaccountable hands that have brought the West to its knees.

Roughly 50% of our income, give or take, goes to fund the most asinine, poisonous, and destructive stuff imaginable yet there’s only position that ever prevails in the politics of this garbage — the government’s. Day in and day out, month after month, we hurtle to disaster because government has got the bit between its teeth, screwed the pooch, circled the wagons, and flown the coop.

Productive people see the money they work hard for turned over to contemptible buffoons, liars, and demagogues. But it’s ALWAYS steady as she goes. Defiticts to the moon and lesbian storybooks in the schools. And old Mitch is red hot on anyone’s messing with the filibuster. Theft of a presidential election? Not so much.

So there’s a campaign issue for the ages, if not a way of life. Remove evil, conniving, goofy, dishonest swine from power. Make it impossible for them to jimmy elections, profit while in office, or silence our voices. Destroy their sinecures, unearned privileges and immunities, and their intolerable, liberty-destroying, vicious laws, regulations, and court decisions that turn free people into serfs and destroy our families and the peace and security of our neighborhoods. Destroy the Department of Justice, disband the FBI, and repeal the United States Code. Have Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ron Paul be in charge of what statutes get re-enacted.

No more welfare and no more civil rights law for damn sure. Turn federal offices into condos. Have the Supreme Court hold hearings in the Dollar Store parking lots. Appoint at least one veteran, one cop, one victim of violent crime, and one truck driver to the Court. Expel all students who can’t read or solve simple mathematical problems, or who are disruptive. Destroy the Fed.

“Clean fucking house” in words of few syllables. Can you bastards who mewl about the rule of law and preserving [stuff] actually do something for a change? America — the entire Western world — is unrecognizable. A cowardly, whimpering, helpless shadow of its former glory, terrified into silence and immobility lest the cry of bigotry and meanness be heard throughout the land. You disgust us.

[1] “The UK And Its Lost Opportunities.” By Alasdair Macleod, ZeroHedge, 2/6/22 (emphasis removed).

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  1. King John did NOT ‘grant’ the Magna Carta because he was ASKED to.

    He did so with LITERAL swords (and other deadly implements) ready to do their intended purpose – and held by men fully willing to use them.

    Same with other tyrants. They will not back down unless FORCED to.

    BEFORE we hit that point (and some would say we are past it), use Female methods:

    Ridicule them.
    Deliberately snub their family – particularly their children. Yes, this will make kids suffer for their parents’ offenses, but it’s kinder, in the long run, than allowing  those people to destroy our country.
    “Bump” your grocery cart – “accidentally” – into theirs. Give an insincere apology “My Bad” accompanied by a smirk. Be as rude as you can, without being physically aggressive. If they show interest in some item when shopping, loudly exclaim, “My God! What kind of tasteless tramp would wear (or use) this!” Roll your eyes at them.
    Turn your back on  them when they try to join any group, move the borders to deliberately exclude them. Believe me, this will get them very upset. In every encounter, whether in the neighborhood, school, work, or other public place, make your disdain clear – but CIVIL. If forced to, “Fake Apologize”. Do it with a smirk, in a mocking way. Act surprised if called on it. Do NOT show any anger. Be very mild and pseudo-agreeable.
    Get others to join in. Lead the way, and encourage others to come up with even better ideas.

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