Uh oh.

The Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) has cataloged significant errors in the UN IPCC AR6 [United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report] Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) and distributed this error listing and analysis to the IPCC Chair and other world leaders to inform them of these errors.

The identified errors result in the SPM failing to meet standards of objective scientific integrity and therefore [it] misleads world leaders regarding appropriate climate policy by erroneously pointing to a “climate crisis” that does not exist in reality. The seriously flawed SPM is “inappropriately being used to justify drastic social, economic and human changes through severe mitigation, while prudent adaptation” would be much more appropriate.

IPCC AR6 SPM Credibility Destroyed by “Disappearing Medieval Warming Period.”” By Larry Hamlin, Watts Up With That?, 2/15/22.