One Gutsy Woman

It’s quite a rarity for someone to stand up for their right to speak their mind. It’s even rarer in the elevated locations in the corporate world.

That this woman – on the verge of being selected to head the corporation – did so, and also turned down a substantial exit package, all to keep her right to speak, is amazing.

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    • George Mckay on February 16, 2022 at 8:47 AM

    I saw her interview on Tucker and was impressed with her attitude.  She did not have any issue with the fact her livlihood was destroyed, no concern that she would be canceled.  Her only thought was that she could not stand by while the current crop of manure was being flung.
    We need more women and men like this.  The generation currently running the show – call it what you will, I prefer Francis’s word usurpers, have systematically destroyed so many ideas, thoughts, traditions, programs and people that I cannot sit idly by anymore. 
    There is no consequence of these actions, no no they are applauded and even praised to the max.   We see people expressing their God given rights to say what is on their mind and if it does not meet the current power holder’s dogma they are canceled and tossed on the ashheap of human existence to be reviled and scorned for their lives.
    Let’s encourage the brave souls like  Jennifer Sey, that they can be held up as shining examples of what hard work and sacrifice could be.  Her career is over and likely no company will hire her for anything near the level she had previously.  Jennifer is being canceled, not only by Levi’s but, the very people she came to love and grow up with.   I would like to see some brave company with not only a soul but, BALLS to hire her and encourage her.  I know dream on……MLK had one of those too.

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