Defend the narrative. CDC job numero uno.

But the CDC and the FDA won’t give a straight answer to that question [the under reporting factor in the VAERS data] and many others she [Jessica Rose, data analyst] has posed.

“It’s like tumbleweeds blowing by for months, and probably going on a year now,” she said.

Rose emphasizes that she uses raw data rather than “interpretative” data.

“When you’re talking about injecting 1 billion people with an experimental product with … a clear correlation with adverse event arisal, and somebody provides you with strong evidence of causation using certain criteria – for example the Bradford Hill criteria – then it’s time to start listening,” she said.

“This isn’t the time … to defend a narrative which clearly states that there’s no possible way these vaccines can cause injury.”

* * * *

. . . Historically, she pointed out, the maximum number of people allowed to die from a vaccine is 50.

* * * *

The CDC and the regulatory agencies, she said, haven’t analyzed the data using tried and true methods.

“They just say these words, ‘There’s no way these products are causing.’ They even laugh about it. They smirk. Which also really makes me mad, because there are 22,000 people dead in temporal proximity to having taken these products. . . .”

* * * *

“They’re not going to be able to keep hiding the adverse event data,” she said.[1]

CDC Director Walensky downplayed the significance of the VAERS data but as Dr. Rose relentlessly points out, “The CDC and the FDA own VAERS.”

A fascinating article. Kind of a rubber-meets-the-road elaboration from someone well qualified to run the numbers.

[1] “CDC data signaling vaccine catastrophe. It took only 32 deaths to halt 1976 shot campaign.” By Art Moore, World Net Daily, 2/14/22.