The Answer is “Shrink the Government”

The Question is: “How can we get out of this mess we’re in?”

A Constitutional Convention is absolutely the WRONG action. State need to take back control of the country from the Feds.

Any Convention would be infiltrated by the Left, subverted by special interests, and make it very difficult to get out of this mess. What we need to do is to:

  • Shrink the bureaucracy – agencies, departments, and entitlements. Start with unnecessary agencies, such as the Consumer Affairs cr@p, Eliminate the Education Dept., HUD, HHS, and Energy.
  • Make a deal with the states – we’ll reduce the amount your citizens have to send to Washington, if you will take over providing the services – Welfare, Social Security, and other entitlements. National educational mandates dropped, in return for reduction in money sent in the form of block grants. EPA out of your face, with encouragement to work with other states, mostly regional (the prairie states can set up a regional structure, the Great Lakes already have a Compact that has them working in concert, New England states can do the same). And, for example the Coastal states can arrange to have their representatives meet to set up cooperative agreements on fishing, flood control, a regional Coast Guard intercept of smuggled goods. States along the Mississippi could work together, as well.
  • Some services would remain, such as national defense. That would have a SMALL core of regular military, augmented with state and regional National Guards (I’m anticipating that the smaller states will work together). National Weather Service, which would provide the monitoring with the assistance of local reporters (as the ARES, manned by amateur radio operators, does). Each state would provide a portion of the cost, depending on the number of residents, legal or not. All states would pay the same per-capita amount.
  • States would be free to allow cross-state purchasing of insurance. That would do a lot to reduce the cost.
  • Smaller states could purchase services from larger ones, rather than set up the structures themselves. One example is the IOWA testing service. I took the IOWA tests when I was young. They were a fair assessment of what basic skills the students learned each year. The tests have been validated over many years, unlike many of the newer state tests.

We won’t win by making a Big Push to solve this, for once and for all. It’s necessary to work incrementally, chipping away at the Encrusted Left’s Damage. This mess is not like a party your kids held while you were gone, that can be repaired with a whirlwind effort. It’s more like termite damage. It’s going to require a lot of money, work, and time to fix it.


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    • steve on February 18, 2022 at 2:46 PM

    Eliminate health insurance benefit from your job. Make it a stand alone insurance like hail insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, flood insurance. Put health insurance in all of those geico etc stores. Let there be free competition between all those insurance companies. Then watch the prices drop. Oh and the businesses that don’t need to spend so much on health insurance; could give a raise to all the workers.
    Another thing about health insurance…..we STILL have obamacare running rampant across that industry. Why in the world should I, a 66 yo male have to pay for “female reproductive care”? Let me go to one of those health insurance stores and purchase the parts of health insurance that I need.
    Oh and to the folks that would cry about “some folks wouldn’t be insured then”……Well get over it; obama care hasn’t covered everyone like it said it would. BECAUSE IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON. So if we could get a little bit of competition between the health insurance companies…..then the price would come down.
    Oh and another thing……health care and health insurance are two completely different things. Health care in the USA is one of the best of any country in the world. PAYING for it through health insurance is one of the crappiest things ever invented.

  1. I’d be all for more competition in insurance. Smaller states could work out deals to function in combination with other states to keep the prices down.
    The two areas that need to be trimmed are inĀ 

    Kicking the illegals OFF public insurance. Let them BUY private insurance, at FULL price. Those bleeding hearts who want them to have coverage may kick in some cash themselves, either individually, or via private charities – no government resources may be used. Otherwise, no help.
    Fraud – the DOJ needs to work with the companies to prosecute, convict, and imprison the guilty. NO ‘sweetheart deals’ unless FULL restitution is made, and their crime is a publicly available record for all time – and, a non-pardonable felony conviction. I’m not all that concerned about jail time, but I insist on identifying them as felons.

    • CT Ginger on February 20, 2022 at 12:24 PM

    The federal government will not shrink unless we get to a serious crisis. There is simply no way to actually reduce or eliminate a government department, bureau or any other division of the Swamp. They are staffed with civil servants and, unless they murder or rape someone on the job they will keep their jobs so long as they want them.
    the Swamp has to crash and burn before we have any hope of reducing the federal government.

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