The Appearance of Global Coordination.

It’s amazed me the extent to which many Western governments during the “pandemic” adopted the identical hostility to alternate prophylactics, palliatives and treatments and had the identical fixation on so-called vaccination, lockdowns, economic destruction, statistical distortion,[1] and general viciousness. The following is from an article that suggests what the common thread is:

Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Astra-Zeneca were actively lobbying governments to buy their vaccines as early as February 2020, supposedly less than a month after the genetic sequence (or partial sequence) was made available by China.

As a person who spent his whole professional career in pharmaceutical and vaccine development, I found the whole concept of going from scratch to a ready-to-use vaccine in a few months simply preposterous.

Something did not add up.

I knew of the names with which everyone has become familiar. Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson, Jeremy Farrar, Anthony Fauci, and others had either been lobbying for or pursuing the lockdown strategies for many years. But still, the scope of the actions seemed too large to even be explained by those names alone.

So, the fundamental questions that I have been asking myself have been why and who? The “Why” seems to always come back to issues besides public health. Of course the “Who” had the obvious players such as the WHO, China, CDC, NIH/NIAID, and various governments but there seemed to be more behind it than that. These players have been connected to the “public health” aspect but that seemed to be only scratching the surface.[2]

Spoiler alert: the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are extremely active and successful in recruiting a lot of people around the world in and out of government. And the number of major corporations signing on to the WEF is amazing. Serious money is behind the WEF.

I don’t think Mr. Koops goes far enough in emphasizing the destructive purpose of the WEF and its astonishing totalitarian, revolutionary objectives that we, the mole people, are to end up owning nothing, frolicking among the daisies, and touching our cap to our betters. Build back better with “better” defined by whom? Do those elitist scum think that we’ll all just give up our houses and bank accounts voluntarily because of the sheer brilliance of the Great Reset that has issued from the mind of Klaus the Great? This will happen by democratic means?

Still, it’s a terrific article if for no other reason that he knows vaccines and blows the whistle on the absurdly short development process. The reasonable suspicions of the mole people about a deeply hidden depopulation agenda are another thing entirely but that would require another article addressing the statistical fraud and the concealment of the amazing adverse reactions seen post injection. The times are so absurd that absurd notions need to be addressed as well.

[1] “Died of covid,” “infection survival rate > 95.5% = immense peril,” “adverse reaction < 14 days after injection not vaccine related,” “omicron variant deadly deadly,” “infants need vaccination.”
[2] “The Next Step For The World Economic Forum.” By Roger Koops, ZeroHedge, 2/20/22 (emphasis removed).


  1. Your usual fine work, Colonel. However, the depopulation thing leaves me with an annoying question.

    Throughout history, power-mongers have always wanted more subjects, not fewer. By corollary, they sought to deny subjects to those regimes they opposed. Indeed, one of the wrangles over the Treaty of Versailles was over that very consideration. Are contemporary power-mongers different in this regard?

    I’m not prepared to argue the matter either way. It’s just a significant difference between the behavior of contemporary ruling elites and those of earlier eras, and it bothers me. Your thoughts?

  2. It never occurred to me that earlier rulers thought that way. The Romans used local rulers in their imperial rule and as long as they, the Romans, didn’t get too greedy or oppressive it seemed to be a stable arrangement. A functioning local economy can pay tribute or be a source of recruits so it would be just common sense not to go in with eradication as the default strategy.

    What I think is different is the modern idealogues infected with the progressive disease and with the modern fanaticism about environmentalism. Otherwise intelligent people got it in their heads that pristine wilderness areas were being increasingly encroached on by “them” and its true that humans in large groups can engage in low-rent behavior. Think candy wrappers lying around on Yosemite trails. Now there’s legit concern about the shear volume of pollution from such a huge world population. I think this kind of thinking — and this situation of immense population — is something new under the sun. I’m acquainted with a tree hugger or two AND their ardent environmentalism (of course with ardent recycling behavior) is definitely cheek by jowl with Zero Population Growth and ardent pro-abortion thinking. Some Swedish politician or something even referred to the older population of Sweden as a “meat mountain.”

    This has either filter up into outfits like the WEF or it has sensed a unique opportunity to ride the coattails of such people. Manifestly, the agenda of the WEF is anti-human and we’re intended to live in much reduced circumstances liking or lumping what Klaus and co have in mind for us. I see nothing in their approach that even faintly hints at the notion that present numbers are fine. If anything, the climate change, pandemic, immiseration, income inequality, race replacement, and vaccination nonsense seem entirely consistent with depopulation even if they won’t say it in so many words.

    So bottom line, depopulation is more of a bottom-up phenomenon than a matter of mere top down state policy. Klaus and globalism and off-shoring come from somewhere on Mr. Olympus than strictly from nation state politicians.

    Further affiant sayeth now. 🙂

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