Disinformation, or Good Intelligence?

I’m leaning towards Disinformation from the Deep State.

One of the problems of a generally educated citizenry is that they might just remember prior acts, and make some reasonable deductions from that history.

Spreading rumors is often seen by risk-averse Deep Staters as a safe mechanism to achieve their aims, without having to engage militarily. For example, after the disaster of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the US’s CIA came up with one plot after another to get Castro out without bringing in troops. Some of them were clearly ridiculous, and only released to raise Castro’s level of paranoia. Some of those that required Mob cooperation may have become known about because the Mob – despite their famous practice of Omerta – contains a lot of bragging fools.

Disinformation is heavily practiced in Washington, New York, and within the Elite Media. We’ve reached a point where you don’t just consume the news for information, you absorb it, look for where the bias is (there WILL be bias, it’s just a matter of which direction it moves), and, after reading about the topic from a variety of sources (Left, Centrist, Right, Independent, Loony…), and tossing it out for your cronies to chew on for a while (this blog is great for this), come to some tentative conclusions about what it COULD mean.

And, be prepared to re-evaluate in light of further information.

We probably should have always done this. We’re a long way from hearing about something from a source you knew, and deciding on whether it was news, gossip, or complete nonsense, based on your knowledge of the players. That works – somewhat – for local events. It’s much less reliable for events happening at a distance.

There was a time when the Moral Code was, “Your word is your worth, your worth is your word”. You stood behind what you said. If you took on a debt, you paid it. So, generally, people were very cautious about taking on debt, outside of the family.

The same with testimony. You raised your hand to God, and most people took that quite seriously. Someone who was found to have lied might have to leave the community, so difficult would it be to function with that reputation. A small community has a LONG memory for those things.

But, in former times, there were limits to what a central government and their allies could do to those living far away. Most of life’s events were handled without asking for government assistance. Your family was your lifeline (and, that was a powerful reason you didn’t break with them, no matter how strongly you felt about an issue. You HAD to get along with them, at least superficially, lest you be out in the cold in the next crisis). Many people have forgotten that your family didn’t HAVE to take you in, or had the option to put conditions on that assistance. Government is more likely today to force your family to pay for your insane lifestyle.

So, we have become a low-trust society, that expects others to cheat us, treat us badly, and flat-out lie to us.

Some New World Order. You can have it.


  1. Very little of this will be news to the readers. I just needed to write this, to remind myself not to be lazy in my news consumption. Recent events in Ukraine led to some emotional reactions. Those reactions reveal the direction that I WISH the events were taking.
    Not reality.

  2. Further thoughts on the ‘news’. https://rau-tng.blogspot.com/2022/03/fighting-visceral-response.html

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