If You’ve Been Puzzled By The War on Cash…

     …have a brief video from a British subject that will chill your blood:

     Could it be any simpler?


  1. Most of these readers are probably further along the Prep Road than this post, but it’s a good one. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2022-03-11/quick-prepper-guide-survive-and-thrive-during-great-reset

    However, I disagree with the advice to “Get out of the city”.

    Sure, if you live in one of the top 10 metropolises, get out ASAP. But, the country is not necessarily better – if you don’t have some familial connections there, the country can be a tough place to be. A better choice would be a mid-sized town/city, with farms within 1/2 to 1 hour drive. With that option, such an environment could be manageable.

    The time to relocate is yesterday. The sooner the better. You need some time to embed into the location, establish your willingness to help, make a few friends, and become the neighbor everyone wants.

    Join a church, the library, if they have a volunteer fire department, help out. If you are not young enough to personally fight the fires, donate your time and money to fundraising.

    Keep your opinions to yourself. Let THEM tell you theirs, and note any points of agreement. Be the nice guy who doesn’t make enemies.

    • Steve on March 11, 2022 at 10:37 AM

    New guy here on day 5 with libertystorch and happy to have found the site via a link. I’m onboard with all the words including those in the Onteora fiction.

    It looks Joe Rogan will be back on my podcast rotation starting with this episode. How is it that so many still believe what they hear from news/gov after the last two years? I was under the impression viewership and listenership in regular media was way down in recent times even before the coof.

    There is a new hero, to me, in my local rural area, the down the road radiator guy. While trying to rehab my old blue tractor my neighbor pointed out that the radiator might be causing the overheating. Turns out it was almost 100% stopped up.

    So, Radiator Gary fixed it and took my cash payment. We discussed how his cash biz works. He went to the local courthouse to get a sole proprietor registration thing and used that to open a biz account at a small local bank. Checks from businesses get deposited there but otherwise it is all cash.

    One day the state sales tax office called to say he needed a sales tax permit and then to make quarterly reports and so on. He replied “No, I don’t need it.” They said “Oh. ok.” End of story.

    A few years ago I saw fit to start selling pork cuts from our pastured pigs. I got an llc, website, permits, etc. It failed. My marketing efforts were lousy or something.

    Anyway for my next one man biz op I’m going under the radar and this UK guy or others like him will just have to pretend I don’t exist. If there’s no official non digital money I’ll take brass and lead.


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