Prep for This Year’s Elections

The FIRST task:

Let your party know, in clear and unmistakable terms, that NO Representative will be returned who voted to impeach Trump for Jan. 6th events.


Specifically, wave a check in front of them, and inform them that you will NOT be handing it over, should they nominate one of those Quislings. Further, that you will ACTIVELY vote for ANY opponent, EVEN if it means that a Democrat is elected.



    • Max M Wiley on March 21, 2022 at 12:28 PM

    I agree with the first part, wholeheartedly, except my list of disqualifications is much, much longer.I also wholeheartedly disagree with the second part.I’m no longer playing the two party binary game. I will vote only for candidates that I can fully believe in. There will be no more “lesser of two evils” decisions.I don’t hold much value in the voting process anyway. It’s become obvious it’s Kabuki theater for those that still believe that any decision in this country at the federal level is made on any basis except what the elites want.

  1. You may have a point.

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