We Won’t Get A Clearer Warning

     Sorry, Gentle Readers, but time is up:

     Earlier today, the hapless president of the United States emerged from one of his NATO huddles to answer questions from the reporters he had been instructed to call upon, as per his SOP. One of them brought up the potential for food shortages, and Biden’s answer was serious bad-feeling-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach material:

     “With regard to food shortages, yes, we did [random sounds] talk about food shortages. And, uh, and it’s gonna be real. The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia, it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.”

     If the connection between Russian sanctions and food shortages isn’t clear, it arises from Russia’s decision to halt its exports of fertilizers: a counterstroke to the sanctions the U.S. and other nations are imposing on it. Russia is the world’s #1 exporter of fertilizers. Don’t feel bad about only just learning about that; I didn’t know it myself until a few weeks ago.

     How’s your pantry looking just now?

     Granted that shortages are anticipated and not immediate, nevertheless: if the Green Revolution that’s made food cheap and plentiful worldwide is to continue, the fertilizers and associated chemicals needed to produce food in large quantities must continue to be available. The food growth cycle in the Northern Hemisphere is entering its ramp-up…but whether there will be fertilizers enough has become questionable.

     Thinking of running to the supermarket? It’s not a bad idea. Moreover, now’s the time, before inflation and the proposed Global Digital Currency can leach the rest of the purchasing power out of your wallet.

     Don’t look to government to save you. Governments worldwide, including ours, have collaborated in bringing this situation about. They want still greater control of you; total control, if possible. The prospect of food shortages is a proven way to go for it. Ask the North Koreans or the Venezuelans.

     If you haven’t yet hunkered down, you’d bloody well better get to it in the few instants remaining:

  • Fill your pantry to bursting.
  • Get a freezer or two and fill them as well.
  • Are you armed? If so, do you have enough ammunition?
  • Make sure that your oil, gasoline, and propane tanks are full.
  • Make any anticipated clothing purchases now. Emphasize practicality.
  • After you’ve attended to all the above, buy gold, silver, and copper coins.

     If you think the above exhortations are panicky or hysterical, because “things will be back to normal real soon,” see your brain-care specialist as soon as possible. The Usurpers have control, a program in progress, and no trace of a conscience to impede them or it. Elections? Trusting in them has been proved foolish. And anyway, can you be confident that the Republicans would relinquish totalitarian power rather than use it for their own ends?

     Perhaps I shouldn’t repeat myself this much, but Keith Laumer’s observation (through the mouth of his perennial hero Retief) has much impact:

     “Most people are willing to give up their preconceptions, once they’ve had them tattooed on their heads with a blunt instrument.”

     Don’t be one of the tattooed. Verbum sat sapienti.


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    • wally on March 25, 2022 at 7:01 AM

    The way the [rice of nickel metal has shot up I would also suggest keeping every nickel coin you get. The only common coin not made of zinc and other cheap junk.

    • Lon Spector on March 25, 2022 at 7:40 AM

    The power eliet dogs have a network of underground cities waiting for them

    where they can live like kings for many decades. They don’t care about the

    lives of us “peaons.” May they rot in hell.

  1. So, because the American public didn’t panic sufficiently in previous crisis points, the Entitled Elites have decided to unlease the Rider on the Famine Horse upon the public.

    Nothing like the sight of bare shelves to scare the proles into supporting the Official State of Emergency that “justifies” any and all Leftist power grabs.

    • tuesdayisotlentgreenday on March 25, 2022 at 8:54 AM

    Number one thing to do , Make Jesus your savior… all else will be added to you.

    • da elmo on March 25, 2022 at 9:37 AM

    “no trace of a conscience to impede them”

    I’ve run out of off-color descriptors, for the Frothing Maggots Flying Out of Satan’s Anus.

    I haven’t given up on America. But these are without question, the times that try men’s souls (oh what’s a misogynist you are elmo).

    • valerie on March 25, 2022 at 10:10 AM

    I do not pretend to know the intricies of what is REALLY going on. But, I am personally convinced that Putin is NOT a Globalist. Neither is Trump. I don’t know very much about Ukraine but I don’t think they are a Democracy.  I do suspect there are some nazi participants in this war and they may not be where I thought they were. If any of you have the time to search out the Model Nurumberg Trials, and it’s a long video in fact a series of videos, I think you will find it worthwhile to watch it.  I found it staggering and very disturbing but it is enlightening.

    • Steve Walton on March 25, 2022 at 10:49 AM

    Already there on all your points (except I have five freezers, not two). I would caution those who are new to this kind of thinking  thusly: get used to cycling through your food store. Eat the old, and say goodbye to eating the new. Fairly rapidly you will discover what keeps and what doesn’t, and where your level of disdain is. “Use by…” is only a suggestion, and how far you exceed it is up  to your particular stomach.

    Date what you put in the freezers. Frozen ham that is a year old tastes a lot better than frozen ham that is five years old!

    Remember that bread products freeze well, as does milk.

    Make sure your pantry is arranged so this is easy to accomplish. The hardest part is keeping the things you only use once in awhile (spices, holiday foods, etc.) in view so they aren’t forgotten. If you only make enchiladas a few times a year, it’s pretty easy to forget those ten cans of green enchilada sauce on the back shelf. Or what that bottle of Mae Ploy sauce is even for.

    Finally, remember to keep snacks around so that life isn’t completely grey. Chips, even frozen, seem to get stale within just a few months, but kernel popcorn lasts the rest of your life if you keep it in canning jars. It is best popped in corn oil, but if all your oil is rancid because China hasn’t shipped any for five years, just throw it in paper sandwich bags and microwave. Or use an air popper.

    Happy Apocalypse!

    • Max M Wiley on March 25, 2022 at 12:24 PM

    “Ask the North Koreans or the Venezuelans.”
    Or read up on the Holodomor, or on the history of any feudal system, European or Chinese or any other, take your pick.

    Food is a weapon. You need to have it, not need it, or your ability to resist whatever is being imposed from above is removed before anything really gets started.

    • robert kendall on March 25, 2022 at 3:44 PM

    in the Balkans, the first thing they did was shut off the electricity so everyone ate like kings for the 1st week till the freezers were empty….something to think about.

    • Steve Walton on March 26, 2022 at 10:15 AM

    Robert K: my freezers (and refrigerators, and lights, and transportation, and …) all run on solar power.  The only thing I am dependent on the external world for are pharmaceuticals. A system that would be just enough to ensure your food storage isn’t very large.

    • glasslass on March 26, 2022 at 11:10 AM

    Almost all of the blogs I read have been stressing stocking up. Which I have done but I have friends who are just now starting to stock up. I have enough pasta, beans, rice and canned goods for a year. When I see list of what people should have a couple of things never get mentioned. Put away (lot’s of) salt & peppercorns, stock up on dried chilies also flavorings in packets such as onion soup or ranch seasoning. And use a shelf in your freezer for flour, kills the weevils and extends it’s life span by years. Buy a vacuum sealer and stock up on bag’s of all sizes. Buy bulk in summer and can or vacuum seal. A pressure caner will be worth it’s weight in gold. If hamburger goes on sale in summer and the tomatoes are in make spaghetti sauce and can in the size you need. Years ago hubby went to farm auction and bought 20 jars of canned green beans dated 18 years earlier. Bought them real cheap and he ate them for a couple of years. Said they were great. I have a few plum jelly’s I’ve had for 22 years that is still wonderful. Had a Very Bumper crop one year! And don’t forget seeds. Somethings we are never going to see in stores again in a couple of years. Plant things you don’t like and trade for what you need or want. But buy an abundance of seeds.

    As for clothing I bought on Amazon 2 pairs of Sherpa lined sweatpants in 2020. Tornado in Dec destroyed our town and we were without power and water for more than 10 days. Those sweatpants saved my life. Put on many layers on top but only needed my Sherpa pants to keep me warm. Order a pair of pj’s and sweatshirts. Can’t put enough stars on them. But not fashionable. I look like the pillsbury dough girl. Don’t care!

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