I’ve been told, by Gerard Van der Leun among others, that the image displayed in this recent piece is a hoax or a put-on. That may be so; I’m unable to trace the image’s true provenance. However, I’ve also been told that the image did appear on Facebook, and did persist there, for a time at least. As I have no Facebook account – Facebook won’t allow me one, filthy right-winger that I am – I’m equally unable to verify those statements. I must leave the further investigations of these things to others.

     But I have a few other images in my archives that might be worth pondering and discussing:

     I’m told some of these were taken from Facebook, others from Twitter. (No, I don’t have a Twitter account either.) They exhibit a remarkable variety, but a near-perfect consistency of message. Do any Gentle Readers insist that they are / were all hoaxes or put-ons?

     The immediate reaction of the normal, healthy human being to such things is extreme revulsion, edging toward violence. How could anyone advocate the sexual exploitation of children? Yet in many places, the sexual exploitation of children is openly practiced and protected by local custom. The evidence, both circumstantial and testimonial, is too copious to dispute.

     Though it was massively unwise, persons from those cultures have been admitted to the United States in large numbers. (Time was, we called them “lesser breeds without the law,” but that was when we were more confident in ourselves and less reluctant to face unpleasant truths.) Is it implausible that they should include persons who want to bring that custom to our shores? Is it unthinkable that our homegrown perverts should have taken a cue from those others?

     Pedophilia is not a subject that demands an elaborate exegesis. It’s villainy most foul. It’s the sort of crime that, when discovered, once prompted an immediate execution, trials and jury verdicts be damned. God may forgive it, but decent persons cannot. Indeed, we must not.

     Yet, as the images above indicate, we are being bombarded with propaganda to the effect that pedophilia is “just another sexuality.” The very people who condemn us for “misgendering” them are angling for this unfathomable vileness to be accepted. Just one more fruit of the poisonous tree that gave us abortion as a “woman’s right to choose,” I suppose.

     Did I misattribute the image in that earlier piece? Perhaps; I’m inclined to trust Gerard, at least. But I find it difficult to imagine that the images above are all slanderous hoaxes, spread about in a foul attempt to slander persons of other politics, especially in the wake of the Epstein / Maxwell prosecutions. The North American Man-Boy Love association (NAMBLA) is real. Prominent writers have embraced its cause. And do please remember those other cultures, and the many representatives thereof that reside among us today.


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    • Dan on April 28, 2022 at 9:36 AM

    There is no treatment for pedophilia and the only cure is a high velocity lead to the cranium 
    No society can survive long if it allows such predators free run to victimize it’s youth.  

  1. You’ve often referred back to Conquest’s 2nd and 3rd laws. I hear their echoes in these bombardments.

    Our institutions served as our civilizational watchtowers. Once they are thoroughly taken over by 2nd Law operatives — still at work most notoriously as  GOPe “moderates” — we find these attacks orchestrated by 3rd Law operatives.

    Nobody ever did anything significant to halt their takeover as it was developing because the 2nd Law operatives counted on the good will of human beings far more decent than themselves. Their gamble won.

    What signifies that they have gone all out 3rd Law?

    When they forcibly burn our kids, the social contract is the kindling.

    Clearly our Godless usurpers believe we’ve no One to turn to. Do you Gentle Reader?

    1. Weelll… it’s an “off-label” use, but I’ll allow that it might serve the need.

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