The Weather Channel on “climate change.” Beatin’ it like a rented mule.

H/t: Don Imus for the rented mule quip.

They never ever quit:

5/31/22 — “Cutting Carbon Dioxide Emissions Alone Won’t Keep Warming in Check, Says Study.”

“Carbon dioxide emissions are commonly thought to be what’s driving climate change and while they are the most widespread there are other pollutants doing just as much damage.”

5/31/22 — “Places Getting Dusty: Little-Known Potential Impact of Climate Change.”

“There another impact of climate change you might not have thought about. It could get . . . more dusty.”

5/30/22 — “Mideast Has Experienced Dust Storms Nearly Every Week Since March (PHOTOS).”

“Experts say the high amount of dust storms this year are due to drought, rapid desertification and climate change, the AP reported.” Experts cover their bets.

5/29/22 — “Apocalyptic Orange Skies Blanket Middle East.”

“Experts blame climate change . . . .”

5/28/22 — “Boulder, Flagstaff Asking Other Communities to Help Strip CO2 From the Air.”

Cast out the demons.

More of a sense of urgency needed. April United Nations report: “. . . [W]arns that sweeping and immediate action is needed to keep global warming from reaching disastrous, irreversible levels.” CO2 generated by human activity is the most prevalent of the greenhouse gases responsible for warming the earth.”

5/28/22 — “Parts of California Sinking Amid Drought.”

“And it will likely become more common as climate change leads to more intense drought in the West.”

5/27/22 — “World Broke Four Major Climate Records in 2021.”

Climate “changes” . . . . “The U.N. said immediate decarbonization is the only path forward to limit even worse climate impact.”

5/25/22 — “Scientists Sound Alarm About Rising Levels of Warming Gases.”

“A key measure of climate change presents a disturbing picture, as greenhouse gases are trapping almost 50% more heat in the atmosphere than 30 years ago.” I’m more alarmed about rising levels of climate change hysteria. 50% more heat being “trapped” in the atmosphere in 2021 than in 1990??

CO2 and methane levels rising and “human activites are what’s causing it, particularly the use of fossil fuels.” = Droughts, heat waves, stronger hurricanes, and rising sea levels. “Experts say the next decade will be critical. Time to get serious about all that can be done to turn back climate crisis from electric cars to green building practices and [wait for it] new government efforts.”

5/25/22 — “Climate Change is Stealing Your Sleep .”

“[W]e’re sleeping less as temperatures warm.”

5/23/22 — “Dozens Killed, Thousands Displaced in India and Bangladesh Flooding.”

“Extreme weather events are becoming more common due to climate change.”

5/22/22 — “Dangerous Tick Is on the Move.”

“Scientists say that the northerward tick expansion is climate change-related.”

5/19/22 — “Utah Studying Idea of Pipeline from Ocean to Replenish Great Salt Lake.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Opponents [of the pipeline] want more to be done to help preserve the lake for the long term especially when it comes to global warming and climate change which scientists say is driving drought throughout the Southwest.”

5/19/22 — “Stopping Fossil Fuel Use Would Save 50,000 Lives Annually.”

It will surprise you to know that it will also “help temper climate change.”

5/19/22 — “How Kitty Litter Could Help Curb Climate Change.”

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Is this guy shining me on?”

5/19/22 — “More Bad News for Great Barrier Reef.”

Mass bleaching is a reaction to stress, including heat. “Scientists say higher ocean temperatures connected to global warming are making it more common.”

5/18/22 — “Transition to Renewable Energy Causing Power Shortages.”

“Sustained, widespread outages have been happening more and more in the U.S. over the last 20 years. As climate change leads to more severe weather power grids will need to be updated to prevent shortfalls.”

5/18/22 — “50-50 Chance of Hitting Critical Temp Threshold in 5 Years, Scientists Warn.”

“Ominous temperature threshold in sight.”

5/17/22 — “Harrowing Record: Global CO2 Levels Highest in History.”

Unnerving April world record 420 ppm of CO2. CO2 has been increasing due to human activity, like burning fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 are pushing the world even closer to the “1.5 deg. C global warming threshold.” Bad moon rising once that threshold is crossed.

5/16/22 — “Iraq Has Experienced at Least 8 Dust Storms Since April (PHOTOS).”

“Experts say the high amount of dust storms this year are due to drought, rapid desertification and climate change, the AP reported.”

5/14/22 — “Extreme Rainfall in South Africa Was Made Worse By Climate Change, Experts Say.”

5/12/22 — “Mansions Burn in Southern California Wildfire (PHOTOS).” By Nicole Bonaccorso.

“Officials said that southern California’s climate change-fueled megadrought helped the fire spread quickly.”

5/12/22 — “Study: Less Air Pollution Could Mean More Hurricanes.”

“[Hurricane scientists] found that storms are affected not only by global warming but also by particle pollution from cars and factories.

5/10/22 — “The World’s Oceans Are Losing Their ‘Memory’.”

“Scientists say oceans are losing their “memory,” a metaphor to describe how ocean patterns are getting less consistent as a result of climate change.”

5/10/22 — “Illegal Construction Has Left Puerto Rico More Vulnerable to Climate Change.” By Nicole Bonaccorso.

5/9/22 — “Study Points to Decline in Bird Populations Worldwide.”

Decline is a symptom of habitat loss, pollution, and climate change.

5/6/22 — “Utah’s Great Salt Lake Expected to Hit Record Low Levels Again This Year (PHOTOS).” By Nicole Bonaccorso.

“The lake has been drying due to many factors, mainly water diversion, drought and climate change.”

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For some perspective, see also “From ice age to global warming – the climate doom-mongers’ swift about-turn.” By Ivor Williams, The Conservative Woman, 4/26/22. It’s well worth reading even if you’re not a conservative woman.

And Prince William gets it about messaging:

Prince William Praises TV Writers For Inserting Climate-Change ‘Programming’ Into Shows.” ZeroHedge, 5/10/22. Isn’t he “the good one”?


  1. Colonel, these warmista roundups are invaluable! Thanks, eternally, for doing the work. Few others are as diligent — on any subject.

  2. You’re welcome, Fran.  It’s a labor of love these days as the waves and waves of propaganda wash over us.  These guys are the most amateurish in injecting the mantra at every last opportunity.

    The “evil Russians,” “saintly Ukrainians,” “dastardly white man,” “saintly third worlders,” “oppressed women,” “unnecessary guns,” “horse dewormer,” “hideous plague,” “strong woman,” “our constitutional republic,” “nation of immigrants,” “propositional nation,” “path to citizenship,” “insufficient school funding,” and “honest elections” themes stand out a little more clearly when you see the over-played hand in this area.  At least I hope. Not that those thematics are in any way subtle.  One need only start looking and voila!

    Oh yes.  Aren’t those tiny homes and electric cars adorable?  Sell, sell, sell.

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