Are The Usurpers Planning To Complete The Coup of 2020?

     I try to restrict myself to only one fit of screaming fury per day, but the Usurper Regime has been evoking more outrage than I can vent with just one. The Imbecile-In-Chief has a gift that way:

     President Biden in an interview broadcast late Wednesday predicted a “mini revolution” in November’s midterm elections if the Supreme Court overturns the landmark 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, which enshrined abortion access as a constitutional right.

     During the interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Biden said overturning the court precedent would be “ridiculous” and would motivate turnout in November’s elections.

     “I don’t think the country will stand for it,” Biden said. “If in fact the decision comes down the way it does, and these states impose the limitations they’re talking about, it’s going to cause a mini revolution and they’re going to vote these folks out of office.”

     Abortion is not a “constitutional right” except under a truly tortured interpretation of the Ninth Amendment. Also, the Tenth Amendment implies that the question of the whether abortion should be legal has been reserved to the states. Finally, a state government that wants to permit abortions would need to distinguish them from murder by statute law.

     As for the overturning of Roe v. Wade as “ridiculous,” what would make it so? Supreme Court rulings have been overturned on many occasions. Would Dementia Joe care to argue that Dred Scott v. Sanford, or Plessy v. Ferguson, should be regarded as sacrosanct? They, too, were overturned.

     As for the prospect of a “mini revolution,” we in the trade call this “whistling past the graveyard.” Biden’s party is going to get a drubbing come November. There is only one possible outcome that would prevent it: electoral cheating on a scale that would dwarf even the vote frauds of November 2020.

     But Biden’s puppeteers might have another possibility in mind:

     Keep an eye on the armed federal agencies. There are many such myrmidons. They might reach a million in number. The Democrats may be feeling enough heat to complete the coup of 2020 with guns. There may already be concentration camps awaiting us “deplorables.” There have certainly been enough rumors.


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    • NITZAKHON on June 9, 2022 at 12:42 PM

    And if there are death camps and plans to populate them in a “once you check in you never check out” stream, there will be MILLIONS on the Left who cheer this.


    Anyone remember Larry Grathwohl’s warning?

    Larry Grathwohl: Requiem for an American Hero | FrontpageMag

    I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people.

    I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.”


    1. When the murderer who escaped justice — the one who gloats “guilty as hell; free as a bird” — gets Clintonized, that will be the signal that the tables are turning.

    • Steve on June 9, 2022 at 2:05 PM

    Since the author of this site is in the Peoples Republic of New York, I feel it’s my responsibility to to inform you that there might already be one up in the New Platz area:

    If this is considered “threadjacking” I do apologize.

  1. Well, they arrested Ryan Kelly, leading GOP gubernatorial candidate in Michigan for the misdemeanor of standing outside the capitol on #6Jan.

    • Steve Walton on June 9, 2022 at 9:22 PM

    It might take awhile, but once news of such widespread action filters down there will be an uprising such as these people cannot believe. This will make guerilla warfare look like kids playing with paintball guns.

    If they try to “complete the coup with guns”, that’s all the “go signal” we need. We have only been waiting because we have this quaint respect for the rule of law.

    If an extermination is what they desire, an extermination is what they will get. We have enough ammunition to put 120 rounds into each and every liberal on this continent, and we can do that because we don’t waste shots by missing.

    • Roll-aid on June 10, 2022 at 9:55 AM

    It seems the Left has been pushing and pushing the boundaries hard for quite a while and now with the elections a few months away, there’s more.    Despite repeated warnings to the Left that they are playing with matches in a room full of gasoline and gunpowder, the provocations continue.   The clip of Biden about “not following the rules” means not following their rules.  In the past that meant losing elections.   If it now means jail, that means sending men out with guns who, sooner or later, will meet other men with guns.

    That could be the spark.

  2. “If you think it is time to bury your guns, that means it is time to use them.”

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