Reminder of Some Old Tactics

I was reading (OK, I was avoiding housework and other necessary stuff), and I happened to see a few disturbing stories:

And, somehow, they call US Fascists!

BTW, both of the above links came from Ace of Spades.

The thing is, the Hard-Core Left does not seem to realize that they are a minority (not an ethnic minority, but a minority on the Opinion Scale). They are pushing their Seeming Omnipresence through heavy reliance on the Bandwagon Effect.

Naturally, those who have fallen for it are those that are strongly predisposed to Follow the Crowd – those whose primary personal identification is with membership in a group – Ethnic, Racial, Religious/Anti-Religious, Sex/Gender, or Elite/Near-Elite Status.

Women are the group that has been most heavily targeted for this, therefore, those issues that focus on that identity (Abortion, Sexism – as defined by the Left, Rape, Career, Oppression by Males – particularly those of pale complexion, to name a few), have been weaponized to get Womyn to Jump on the Bandwagon.

Unfortunately, once a person has added themselves to that membership, they cannot leave. Any attempt to think or act independently will result in a pile-on of massive proportions, and personal exile from ANY connection to the group.

“Who rides a tiger, dare not dismount” – Indian proverb.

There are people who cling to the group, long after the group has lost any influence, simply because they fear losing any connection to others in the group. Sometimes, the older members of the group manage to achieve a revival of influence – as, for example, Scott and Helen Nearing, old Leftists who headed to a subsistence farm, and eventually were embraced as Wise Old Souls by the Back to the Land types.

BTW, that “subsistence farm”? Never was self-reliant. Was subsidized by inheritances by both of them from Capitalist family members.

The Bandwagon Effect was never all that effective with me. I come from a long line of Hillbillies and other independent thinkers. That, and my hardheaded understanding of my need to make a living for myself, kept me from falling into the trap that others of my generation fell for. Genteel poverty was never appealing to me, and I never did have that much trust in others that claimed to care about providing for me.

But, the current trend in schools to enforce conformity in students and staff is a concern. Kids are social creatures, and suffer from ostracism. That such a tactic is used to force compliance on kids is, by itself, enough for me to want to completely defund government schools, and blackball all those who would stand by and let that abomination happen.


    • Max Wiley on June 11, 2022 at 9:02 AM

    The message from the left is insidious. It goes something like this: “Floating downstream with the flow is right and good.” “I’m morbidly obese.” But you are ok just the way you are, nothing to worry about, it’s everybody else’s perception that’s the problem.”I am mentally ill in my sexual appetites.” But you are ok just the way you are, nothing to worry about, it’s everybody else’s perception that’s the problem.”I live a life of crime, cruelty, drugs, and gangs.” But you are ok just the way you are, nothing to worry about, it’s everybody else’s perception that’s the problem.While everybody that has a traditional mindset realizes that floating with the current is easy but it doesn’t take you anywhere you want to be. You have to sit up and paddle against the current, and steer. It’s hard work. It’s not easy.
    Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

    • Elwood on June 12, 2022 at 8:16 AM

    The tasks and responsibilities of Being a Parent are myriad and substantial; none, however, are more important than teaching intelligent and compassionate independence.

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