My Health, Post-Covid

I’m not fully recovered. Still have diminished sense of smell, still easily tired (I nap a lot), and haven’t been able to fully resume my walking regime. So, overall, maybe 75% better.

I DID, as it happens, have the original 2-shot Moderna injections, in April 2021. I wasn’t forced by work, but by relentless nagging by my kids. I’m still unhappy about that, as I feel, at 71, fully capable of making my own decisions about my medical care.

I did check the Lot number, but I can’t find the site now (it broke down reported adverse events – what we call side effects – by lot number). If anyone has the link, put it in the comments. Only a few of the lot numbers had the vast majority of complaints – most had little to no effect. I identified myself as a reactive person when getting the shots (multiple episodes of hives and breathing issues with antibiotics and other drugs), and they kept me for an extended time. I was fine, on both visits.

There’s a Heinlein story, about a group of military men – four of them – undergoing a thoracic procedure for treatment of TB. The first one dies, in a rare side effect. The second one collapses, after his treatment. The third one is offered another doctor, but climbs on the table, and is treated, without problems. The kicker is that the second one died of fright.

And, I suspect, many of the reports of adverse reactions are similar. A rare natural occurence, not able to be predicted or prevented. Or, hysteria leading to a similar result, with that outcome much more common than the first outcome.

Now, I have little direct knowledge of COVID shot problems. I personally know no one who had a bad reaction to the shots. Those who participated are a huge group, and in no medical treatment are issues unknown. Even the polio shots/drops had some issues. And, years later, many of those who survived polio, and went on to normal lives, find that they experience a revival of polio neuro-muscular symptoms. So, neither immunization nor natural immunity from contracting disease are failsafe against future events.

In my view, it’s up to the individual. If you want to take a chance, skip the shots. No employer should bar you from duty, except possibly in the case of caring for immunocompromised individuals, or other high-risk occupation. The same with parental choice – it’s YOUR kid. If you feel that making a non-vaxx decision is right, the doctors should make a reasonable attempt to persuade you to to contrary, but, failing in that effort, have you sign paperwork that you know the possible consequences, and still maintain your right to decide for your child. Maybe a required video presentation, followed by signing off, for those who may not read all that well.

But, that’s IT. Parents may safety-related choices all the time – sports participation, use of tools, supervision needed, operation of various vehicles (bike, car, lawnmower). In the end, it’s THEIR kid.

Given the rarity of serious problems for the under-18 crowd of catching Covid, I disagree with the idea that refusing the shots should lead that child to be barred from school, or forced to mask. Certainly, reasonable care of that child would have the parent keeping him/her home, if displaying symptoms.

You would THINK that was the norm. But, given the penalties for parents keeping a kid at home if they work (loss of pay or job), many parents send children with mild symptoms to school/daycare. And, the fact is, MOST of the cases of childhood runny nose/slightly elevated body temp/just don’t feel all that well, turn out to be a mild illness, or even an allergy attack. It can be difficult to make that judgement flawlessly.

I’m generally in favor of personal responsibility and trusting to people’s good sense. However, the last 1/2 century has shown that all too many people have very little ability to manage their lives without making boneheaded decisions (or lack of decision-making, trusting to luck in the outcome). So, mandating ANY blanket policy will have some downsides.

Life is filled with risk. Life will, eventually, lead to death. No one gets out alive.


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    • James Archer on June 18, 2022 at 11:38 AM

    If this belief is comforting to you, so be it.  But the facts are that the vaxx is truly dangerous and the evidence is widely available.  Rather than cite a number of sources, I would just suggest you look into the incredible evidence coming from Pfizers  data on the vaccine trials that a Texas judge forced the release of.  This is the case where both Pfizer and the FDA agreed that the data would not be released for 75 years, were sued in a Texas court and were ordered to release all data by August. The results are not reported in the MSM.

    • 21stCenturyCassandra on June 19, 2022 at 2:40 AM

    Francis, I am glad you are on the mend. Were you aware that ALL covid shots in the US are either tested or manufactured using fetal cell lines from elective abortions. I realize that the fake “Pope” Bergoglio is onboard with that, but I would think that you, as an actual practicing Catholic, would see it differently.

    1. The post you’re commenting on was written by Linda Fox.

    • George Mckay on June 19, 2022 at 10:04 AM

    Linda, there are MANY instances where REAL vaccines cause side effects.  OTOH, there are MANY MORE side effects of the Covid vax both reported and not reported.
    I would suppose the real crux of the thing is that the other REAL vaccines actually work.  They prevent the disease and for the most part with no ill effect.   This cannot be said for Covid vax.  It is trying to fight a virus that being a coronavirus can mutate quickly and in a huge way into something you cannot fight with the “old” vax.  It is now rendered ineffective.  
    Now, they tell us if you get the jab you will “likely” not die or be hospitalized.  Tell that to the thousands in hospitals or having barely survived a bout of the “mandarin muck”.  
    I had all the required shots as a child and got a bunch more in boot camp.  Uncle Sam did that for me – no choice.  I also believed as assured by Doc Fraudci that this shot was effective and had minimal side effects and of course that is a bald-faced lie. 
    My dear wife and I are convinced we both had Covid in late 2019.  We can never prove it of course but, everything we have come to believe about this has been a total lie.  EVERYTHING!  Trump relied on the “experts” and they lied to him and us as well.  Fraudci needs to be in prison along with Birk and high muckety-mucks in CDC, NIH and FDC for crimes against the American people.

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