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     As I’ve written before, some of our most urgent problems are “connectedness problems.” Andrea “Bookworm” Widburg comments on one in her latest American Thinker essay:

     [The Senate compromise ‘gun safety’ bill] promises to expand mental health services, including in schools; open juvenile records for gun customers under 21; stop illegal trafficking in firearms; etc. The ability to review juvenile records, which are sealed, before allowing a person under 21 to buy a weapon is probably useful.

     As for the rest, I’m inclined to believe that our mental health and violence problems stem from a broken culture that sees politicians, the media, and educators encourage racial hatred; flood the country with illegal aliens, who bring with them illegal drugs, guns, and sex-traffickers; destroy the economy; create a culture of death with unlimited abortions; legalize marijuana, a drug strongly associated with psychosis and violence; ignore existing laws, including those against illegal guns and gun crime; and sow confusion about biological sex.

     All these things break a culture, and broken cultures produce broken, violent people. No additional mental health funding or red flag laws will change that.

     Utterly indisputable. The tidal wave of irrational, counterfactual influences in which our young people are being drowned was bound to have bad psychological effects. A young man can only endure so much counter-reality propaganda, all antidotes to which are hysterically shouted down as “racist” or “hateful,” before his mind snaps. The form his induced lunacy takes might not be healthful for children and other living things.

     Reducing and eliminating outbreaks of savagery, whether or not the savages are gun-equipped, will be impossible de facto without first correcting the pervasive ambient lunacies: first in the schools, thereafter in the enveloping culture. I maintain my “traditional” position that the proper way to reform the schools is with mass hangings and high explosives. As for the wider culture, perhaps after we’ve publicly drawn and quartered the first few propagandists for “systemic racism,” “capitalist patriarchy,” “gender fluidity,” “undocumented immigrants,” “oppressed brown people,” and so forth, the rest will “get the message.”


    • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) on June 23, 2022 at 6:34 AM

    I have grown weary of pointing out that the vast–and I mean like 90% of all “gun violence” is perpetrated by blacks, against blacks in the hell holes in which they reside, typically geographically identifiable ares sprinkled throughout the confines of America’s major urban areas. Likewise, most “mass shootings” are also perpetrated by blacks against blacks in these same areas. The ones that grab the attention of the media are only those involving a white (or white-appearing hispanic) in order to foster their narrative. Even though it is couched in terms of a study in “machine learning”, this detailed study unequivocally supports the proposition.

  1. One of your best, Fran.  Proof that “excellent” doesn’t have to mean “long,” though there is thinking about that “long” is certainly “desirable” at times.

    Excellent quote too.

    “The tidal wave of irrational, counterfactual influences” is purest of gold.  At a minimum, kids only have to look around them and see the plainest evidence that the adults are not doing their jobs.  Rumor has it that my local high school tolerates a girl who identifies, so help me, as a cat.  And that’s the assistant principal.  Ok, I’m kidding about that.

    I’m going to check out Diana West’s Death of the Grownup.  The title sounds like she put her finger on this years ago though possibly it’s just another murder mystery.  I don’t know.

    Certainly the adults exhibit no competence at anything . . . unless it’s destruction and malevolence.  Career, marriage, family, a home — ALL a dim and fading prospect with the icing of massive freaking illegal immigrant competition for jobs.  Our gift to you kids!  No need to thank us.

    The culture is Grade A grunge and the playful, exuberant, witty, fun music of my youth has been replaced by a drum-accented yowl of unintelligible Icelandic.  The elegance of the One-Eyed Purple People Eater song is no more.

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