What Alternatives?

     That’s the question on millions of Americans’ minds after the utter, protracted betrayal of Republican officials – federal and state – to represent the preferences of the voters that elected them. Their most recent defection is on the subject of greatest importance to social stability: the right to keep and bear arms. Fourteen GOP Senators, all but one of them from a “deep red” state, have supported the recent “gun control” bill. That’s more than enough to force it through Congress to Biden’s desk.

     The voters who seated them are appalled. They’ve watched the defection of the “party of the Constitution / party of limited government” to the dark side in real time. They’ve carpeted their floors with scalp flakes from all the head-scratching. They’ve pondered whether they can trust the evidence of their senses and the verdicts of their reasoning. But the facts are as they are.

     I wrote on this subject quite recently:

     No period of Republican federal dominance has done anything of consequence to reverse the trend of government expansion. Washington’s destruction of our rights, our economy, and our sovereignty has been relentless.

     In truth, it’s worse. As Tucker Carlson said just last night, the GOP has acted to support the fatuous, wholly destructive Biden agenda virtually from the day the Vegetable-in-Chief was inaugurated:

     Indeed, by collaborating with the forces striving to suppress investigation into the nationwide vote fraud in November 2020, they’ve sided with the Democrats, including the most vicious of them, from the morning after that fateful election.

     But what’s this? Another “Vote Republican!” pitch? Is anyone else asking “Why should we bother?”

     If we confine our thinking to what we can do via the ballot box, we have foredoomed ourselves.


     Some commentators have theorized that the GOP’s defections from our interests are part of its overall electoral strategy. They argue that the more of the Biden agenda passes, the better it will be for Republican electoral prospects in November this year and November 2024. Viewed thus, Republicans’ tacit and not-so-tacit compliance with the Usurper Regime is actually a stroke for achieving such Republican dominance in Washington that nothing will be able to impede a conservative revival. The consequence, they claim, will be a true and massive course correction that will revitalize the Constitution and the rights it guarantees.

     But one does not advance by retreating. The notion that the GOP’s defections are setting up the Democrats for an electoral haymaker is absurd. The individuals involved in these betrayals are inherently more concerned with their own electoral fortunes than with those of their party. (Remember how few of them have ever held a non-government job.) What are they counting on to keep them in office?

     The answer to that question is the “two-party system” itself. Establishmentarians maintain rigid control of the state and local party chapters. They wield sufficient power to prevent the rise of genuinely conservative, Constitution-faithful individuals. Such persons only break through the Establishment’s barriers under the most unusual circumstances. So incumbents who have the support of the party bosses are protected from upstarts who will challenge their fidelity to the positions they claim to espouse. And of course, to vote for a candidate who wears neither the (D) nor the (R) is to “waste your vote.”

     The loss of voters’ trust in “their” representatives and the electoral system generally is nearly total and appears irreversible. Yet as long as all alternatives are foreclosed, current conditions will continue.


     What alternatives remain?

     The one with the widest approbation is “Irish democracy:” the disaffiliation and de facto secession of individuals from the political system. The Irish are well known for this, as are the Italians. “Pass whatever laws you like, gentlemen. If we choose to ignore them, what are you going to do about it?” And there was a time when Americans could have implemented that alternative with good confidence that it would be effective. However, today matters are not so favorable. Too many of us are too dependent on the system’s employment or largesse. Too many are in thrall to a corporation that actively supports the system, such that their livelihoods inherently feed the beast. And too many are too frightened by the possible consequences of defying the Omnipotent State.

     Could the remainder do anything effective? Unclear. What is clear is that should such a movement arise, the Establishment would be swift to act against it – probably in the “IRS style” of offering rewards to those willing to betray their neighbors, friends, and acquaintances for a cash reward. In our “post-moral,” “post-ethical,” “post-Christian” era, what degree of fidelity to friendship and community could we reasonably expect?

     The alternative of armed revolution seems unlikely. We have degenerated too far, and the State has risen too high and become too rapacious. Were such a revolution to begin, the death toll would dwarf any war in the history of Mankind. Nor would what follows necessarily be better than today.

     That’s all I have the stomach for at the moment. Any thoughts, Gentle Readers?

     “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten.” – Michael Emerling


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    • Steve Walton on June 23, 2022 at 9:42 AM

    Thoughts? Thoughts? We don’ need no steenkin’ thoughts

    (And yes, we are collapsing into gangs which ignore laws, including ones that wear ties. It seems to be future. Whether we can be broken to the wheel is coming down to a matter of percentages. How many will not submit? Can technology find and exterminate them? News at 11.)

  1. Another hummer, Fran.

    Tucker’s monologue last night was one of his very best.  As he made clear, it’s all total total theater until it comes to a time of decision and then the governor in that red state vetoes the bill banning chemical castration of children. Susan Collins can be relied on to spit in the nearest soup bowl. And every last state bar association would rather set their hair on fire than admit that the Supreme Court has been a gang of dedicated betrayers of the Constitution.  The contemptible Robert’s is but one in a long line.

    Most of us lived off the land in ages past. Now we’re all too vulnerable to government and employer retaliation.   The Irish option is probably all that’s left. Withdrawal from the charade of “representative government.” The forthcoming economic collapse will highlight some of the hidden stuff. The iron laws of arithmetic will upset the apple cart but, as you say, it’s far from clear it will be sunny and pleasant on the other side.

    • MikeJ on June 23, 2022 at 11:39 AM

    I am going to provide this link, for it is entirely accurate.


    If you want to peacefully change the system, then you have to do exactly what the left did, a long march through the institutions. Start at the local level, not just state reps and senators, but school boards, election boards, even dog catcher, and by working hard to get populist candidates who are interested in their local and state issues and will try to keep their local area and state as first priority, as opposed to internationalist, world police and imperial candidates, i.e. those chosen by the RNC and the DNC. This will be difficult to do without both time, and serious election reform but if you want a peaceful solution, this is the only way of which I can think to do so.

    The alternative is what we are most likely facing though, which is an American version of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. As the middle class and lower classes get more pressed by stagflation and shortages, especially in food, they will reach the point where they have literally nothing left to lose. When that point is reached I wouldn’t want to be a politician or a bureaucrat of any sort, even a bureaucrat who calls himself a law enforcement officer, as they will be targets. That is why they-meaning the people in power-are trying to pass the gun confiscation legislation now. They see this as the only way to protect themselves from what is coming. They will not succeed, as there are too many firearms and not enough credentialed bureaucrats.

    It will be very ugly, as political assassinations will occur, kidnappings of important people, grudges will be settled, warlords or dictatorial local leaders will appear, and chaos will reign. I am very sure that before it gets to that point UN “peace keepers”, aka Chinese, will be invited in, or the 10 million “migrants” streaming into the country right now will be armed by FedGov to act as enforcers for the oligarchy in Washington to try and impose their will upon the population.

    This is how I see this devolving, and I hope that I am wrong, but I don’t believe that I am. Barring divine intervention, the only thing an individual can do is, as we used to say, “embrace the suck” and prepare for what is coming. Or not, depending upon your personal mindset. We have sewn the wind over the last 75 years, and will now reap the whirlwind.

    • steveaz on June 23, 2022 at 1:24 PM

    Your Irish Democracy is thriving in rural America today.

    The blue print is below.  Items #4 and 5 address the Irishman’s interface with Big Gob:

     Move where the climate and soils actually support abundant food and game.
     Bring your skill-sets and trade tools with you.  (Barter and favors will generate the foods you need if you cannot farm for yourself.)  Basic earth-skills, machining and carpentry will always be of use.
     Cultivate local esteem like you would Gold.  Honor all of your contracts.  Do good work.
     Generate multiple sources of earnings.  To do this you must stretch your understanding of “income,” and then labor to bank all types:  some may be ‘psychic’ like Trust and Love, some will be tangible like food-stuffs or fuels or other ‘currencies.’ Bust out of those simplistic FDR-ish taxing categories like “income” or “retirement.”
     Forget, to the extent legally possible that an “essential” agency called the IRS exists.  Recognize that the fluidity of “earnings” in 2022 defies such simple categorization and so, where London taxes too much, only “earn” “reportable income” equal to your ability to pay.

    Sounds pretty Irish, huh?

    A last tip that has worked for me is, find someone in the locale that needs help and them him.  It will earn you untold respect and esteem that will pay unfathomable dividends in the future.



  2. And, might I add, take a tip from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and work to sow distrust in the Left of each other. Set them to eyeing, with suspicion, their so-called comrades. Plant ‘evidence’ of treachery by Leftists against Leftists, or by mainstream Dems against ANY of their ideological Left opposition.
    Sow discord. Work in secret to build alliances with opponents – then, be ‘outraged’ when evidence of that cooperation is discovered, to the dismay of those opponents and their banishment from leadership positions. The goal is to keep potential leaders weak.
    KEEP THOSE ON THE INSIDE TO A BARE MINIMUM. They WILL be co-opted, if the number of those privy to the plan gets much larger than 5. Instead, use “independent” allies to direct actions against the Left. Think of cell structures, rather than mass movements – and, if a cell becomes cancerous with traitors, it can be surgically removed from the structure. The goal is to embarrass, ridicule, and screw up their plans, while not giving them an excuse to bring in the heavy hand of the law. Deniability is the goal, so use a light touch.
    You actually don’t have to do much active work – after a few successful sorties, the paranoia of your opponents will lead them to treat any failures as the ‘work of the kulaks or wreckers’. You can sit back and watch them eat each other alive.

  3. Your goal is to be able to claim “innocent victim of oppressive government action”, while evading jail time. So, no bombs or assassinations, or other felonies.
    Screw with them, don’t kill them.

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