What Do the Changes in Supreme Court Decisions Mean?

It does NOT mean that they will be “swinging right”. I don’t seriously see the SP Justices dragging their colleagues over to the other side, in the short term or the long term. Most of them have kept their basic philosophy intact through changes in government or changes in the court.

What it MIGHT mean is that, in contrast to the years when the so-called “Swing Vote Judges” cravenly sided with the currently popular crowd, Justices feel freer to vote their conscience. Such as the recent Dobbs and gun decisions.

NEITHER of them are particularly ideological. What Dobbs does is send the decision-making back to the individual states, along with all of the time-consuming and divisive work that the Supreme Court had picked up over the years. By using Dobbs to abdicate their authority, they probably dropped their workload by 1/3.

Same with the gun case – (Corrected to identify the correct decision by Name) Bruen – that sets some firm guidelines about SHALL vs. MAY, as it affects state-issued permits for weapons. Will that flood cities with guns? Unlikely. What it WILL do is give Mr. and Miss/Mrs/Ms/Mx Average Person the ability to cut the red tape, to allow them to have a gun for their own protection. Many are the would-be criminals who will hesitate to attack someone who might be carrying. The Equalization Factor – that a gun evens the playing field for smaller and weaker people against well-muscled thugs – will likely, in time, be appreciated by Asians, Women, and other smaller but law-abiding residents.

So, will the Supremes continue to enrage the Left with their decisions?

Probably, but not because they become even more slanted away from the Left, but because Outrage is what the Left does best.

What does seem likely to follow is that Justices will no longer be bullied by threats to change or modify their decisions. No more twisting, as in the Obamacare decision, to allow the legislation to remain. No more decisions that attempt to please everyone, or, at least, the Left.

And, as is proper, the Court is doing it by returning to the States what is THEIR business. It’s a clear signal that they will be sending cases back to the States, rather than ruling by Judicial Fiat.

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    • Dan on June 29, 2022 at 8:05 PM

    Neither decision will make any appreciable difference.  Leftists will continue to murder infants and ban guns.  As Jackson famously stated “Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it”.  The states that seek to violate rights will continue to do so with impunity. The system is corrupt beyond repair.  And laws, rulings and decisions the left doesn’t like are quite simply ignored.   Remember….the left has only ONE rule.  WIN! Nothing else matters, nothing else will be allowed to interfere with their agenda.

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