I’m Not SAYING That I’m Falling Apart…

…but, I’m hobbling around today. My toe had a smackdown encounter with the leg of a wooden chair in my daughter’s living room. The toe lost, and is blackened and swollen. As a result of my need to place weight gingerly on the right foot, my left ankle has compensated by becoming sore and stiff, additionally throwing stress on the whole d****d body.

For me, old age is just one body part after another trying to kill me. Or, at least, leave me whimpering on the couch, gobbling pain pills.

But, this will heal quickly. My sister is having an operation tomorrow to pin the break in her tibia. I’m preparing to spend some time in the waiting room with my sweet brother-in-law, as well as assist with getting her into the house without another fall.

Maybe I’ll delegate my husband – he’s stronger.

It’s also Clear Up the Desk Day, a periodic holiday celebrated by FINALLY filling all that paperwork that hits my house, depositing the checks, and otherwise making the office usable again. Why don’t I do that daily? Because I have medical appointments, errands, extra travels when my husband blows into town, and assorted family semi-emergencies. And Lazy Days, when I put on the popcorn and binge-watch TV. When all that action is going on, I tend to just throw the mail in the direction of the desk, and close the door.

This has been a calmer summer than I originally anticipated. Few “mostly peaceful” protests, only the “New Normal” food and other supply shortages, and – Thank God! – limited appearances by Biden and many of the other semi-sentient politicians. Why, it’s ALMOST as though they had caught on that people REALLY don’t want to hear them bloviate about how awful the voters are! Guess it finally got through their heads that the whole party – not just the Righteously Woke – are in DEEP trouble in the fall elections.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

Now, if we can just think of a way to get rid of the RINOs, we’re be in Hog Heaven (Hey! Didn’t I hear something recently about how pigs will eat near anything? Nah, that’s Cruelty to Pigs.)

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    • Univ of Saigon 68 on July 6, 2022 at 10:26 AM

    Just as I am so fond of my knees that I would never take them skiing, I have become very attached to my feet, and have converted to safety toe shoes all the time. I just bought a new pair of Reebok alloy toe after wearing out the last pair after six years of hard use. They’re almost as light as regular running shoes. They’ve saved my toes from one incident in the gym and several attempts by clumsy people to ruin my day.


    As for around the house, I have it pretty well mapped out, except for the occasional piece of Lego left by my granddaughter.

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