Preparing for the Next Battles

Yeah, Battles – plural. It’s not gonna be over soon, no matter WHO is elected, in 2022, or in 2024.

Ace of Spades had a nice post today, in which he identifies some of the issues and battlegrounds. He is pessimistic – but realistic. The Dobbs decision is NOT the end of the trail. Nor is the recent decision on ‘shall’ vs ‘may’. The Left are HEAVILY embedded in American government, schools, and organizations – and they won’t just fold their tents in the night.

It’s going to be a long, hard slog back to a Normal America (that’s Normal as in the Kurt Schlichter definition of Normal Americans). It’s not going to be pretty. It will take decades, with the Left screaming, hissing, cursing, and making a mess all the way.

What we have on our side:

  • The Left leadership in Congress is OLD – like, Cryptkeeper Old. The in-fighting is already getting wicked, and the patients haven’t been declared terminal and ready for hospice. Their ambitious would-be replacements are variously:
    • Incompetent – Kamala, Ilhan, and AOC. I’m not including Pressley , as she seems to have some strong support, and hasn’t displayed TOO much ignorance.
    • Vulnerable to pressure/blackmail – I know, I know – a highly moral person shouldn’t even THINK of that. Well, guess what, I’m tired of losing out, because our guys fold under the first hint of scandal. We need to:
      • Elect some guys with cojones – if they are asked about prior activities, they should use the Jesse Ventura defense – “Yeah, I probably did it – so what?” It’s NOT a admission of guilt, it’s the proper response to accusations of impropriety that cannot be proven or prosecuted (statute of limitations).
      • Let any candidate know that not only will the GOP watchdogs be examining their finances like an ex-wife looking for more money, but that they will need to watch their family, too. Wives like nice things, and aren’t always particular about the ethics of accepting presents/positions. That goes for AFTER the election, as well.
      • Hold ALL Dems to the same standard. They shouldn’t be profiting from or exploiting their position in government. That means that the Deep State embeds will fall under the same rules – nothing says they cannot be asked to leave – with NO rights to return to government at ANY level – to avoid public exposure AND prosecution. Make it easy – let them retire, providing they ALSO give up their right to work for the government in the future.
      • Same with sexual antics. If it was consensual, EVEN if ‘icky’, our guys stay, at least until a governor on our side is in office to appoint a replacement. If it’s criminal (not “Kavanaugh” level of “proof”, but actual proof), they leave, again, officially leaving ONLY after the next election – which they will NOT run in – or when a GOP governor is in office. If the Left protests, point to ALL of the guys on THEIR side that followed those rules. Make a stink about THEIR guys, and how they avoided facing charges, were supported by their leadership, or allowed to shuffle off to cushy private jobs. Same stuff, same rules. That needs to be our motto in EVERY case.

Go to the Ace of Spades link for more.


  1. I don’t know which is worse, the far-far-Left Dems or the UniParty. Maybe it’s just a coin flip. Either way, yes, it is a long return to ‘Normal’.

    • MikeJ on July 8, 2022 at 12:57 PM

    TINVOWOOT. There is no voting our way out of this. Until and unless we return as a country to manual ballots, no electronic voting machines, no mail in ballots, voting ONLY on election Day, being an actual citizen of the USA with proper ID, that votes are counted before the next day, and having a proper legal chain of custody for said ballots with witnesses from all parties watching the count and the local Sheriff providing the security, elections will continue to be stolen wholesale.
    Watch the movie “Two Thousand Mules” if anyone needs proof of this. Go view the sideshow that elections in AZ, GA, MI, WI, PA, NY, CA, IL,  and virtually every swing state in the country have become. Look at the intransigence of the Federal Dept. of “Justus” and the cowardice of the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS to investigate legitimate concerns over fraud, and refuse a hearing when states have disagreements on the validity of offending states vote counts which may nullify their state’s vote. It is their raison d’etre and yet, they refuse it.
    Voting, in the face of all of these unresolved problems, is a waste of time. Barring supernatural intervention, this country will sink into a post Yugoslavian style civil war. Wait until the EBT cards will not buy enough food, or there is none to be had; voting will be the last thing on people’s minds. The actors behind Biden are actively pursuing this goal, and if the reports on the southern border are correct, they are importing their enforcers as I write this. Prepare accordingly. You may not want to believe that this is not being tried, but as a famous writer once said, one can ignore reality, but one cannot avoid the consequences of ignoring reality.

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