Watergate Redux – on Steroids

The use of the resources of the Federal government to target innocent, or, at least, not criminally culpable people, reminds me – a LOT – of the Days of Watergate.

And, by Watergate, I don’t mean That Triumphant Ousting of a President – that happened already, when Trump backed off from an open challenge of the shady election of 2020 – I mean, the investigative EMPLOYEES of the Federal government CONSPIRE to install the candidate they favor, by hook or by crook.

Those investigative employees include:

  • The FBI – not all, but enough of the leadership to keep the Fibbie Proles in line.
  • The CIA – yes, I AM accusing them of acting illegally, in the USA, and for the benefit of the Dems (Not that they are Democratic, or even on The Left, for the most part. But, the CIA can count on the Dems to bury their nefarious dealings. In return, the CIA manages to direct some lucrative opportunities in the elected/appointed/allied people’s direction).
  • NSA – no direct evidence in my hands at present. But, it is IMPOSSIBLE for them NOT to know about the above; therefore, acting in concert – i.e., conspiracy or RICO.
  • Compliant/entangled DA’s, who release the shock troops of the conspiracy, without bail (and, often, without charging).
  • Political opportunists with a law license, who use that legal credential to bury evidence and escape having to testify.
  • The DEA – they’ve been hiding Dem crimes for generations.
  • HSA – the reorganization didn’t help. The same people who willingly buried evidence of Islamicist penetration, are continuing to cover up politically-connected shit.
  • US Postal Inspection Service – riddled with either incompetents who couldn’t find their asses with a GPS, or those heavily involved in the many Dem crimes – but, especially, including election fraud. Could be BOTH incompetent AND crooks.

Even if a government agency is only slightly involved, I think a thorough house-cleaning is needed. When Nixon left, that was an opportunity to roust out those employees before they became too deeply embedded. Ford was not a successful president, but his worst decision was to drop the investigations. Since then, the people involved have had decades to hide/destroy the evidence.

And, yet, it’s funny. The evidence keeps surfacing. Almost 1/2 century later, the truth keeps popping up. Wonder whether my great-great-great-great-grandchildren will read my journals and think, “Nah, that anti-Trump conspiracy idea is NUTS!”

Crossing my fingers the Truth will out sooner than that.