A Deliberately Buried Extension of Reagan’s Political Model.

Last week, when Fran penned Aspects Of Aging, his highlighting the memories of old men triggered many of my memories.

I am so grateful for my pleasant ones that I almost never mention them except to individuals who I believe will benefit from the hearing.

What I will relate today is one that I’ve posted on my blog many times. It first appeared in 2010 as “There Is No Such Thing As a Left or a Right.”

What I have been encouraged to post today is another version in which I added some more insights that may help readers get a grasp on not only how far-sighted was Ronald Reagan’s vision of Americanism, but how desperately anti-Americans have gone to obscure it. (At this point I restrained the compulsion to explain the importance of the two. I hate long essays and prefer to get to the point. But in this case I fear I will ruin the vision Mr. Reagan gifted us.)

You should be thinking; So what? Why would anybody bother to obscure it? After reading what follows, I suspect readers of Liberty’s Torch to have a good insight as to why. But I will state my opinion at the end so that you are free to believe me to be crazy if you don’t agree.

Ronald Reagan’s Political Model

Many revere the man not so much for his years in office but for voicing his vision of American ideals clearly and with enthusiasm. Among the best examples of that vision was elucidated in his 1964 stump speech “A Time for Choosing.” Excerpt:

You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There’s only an up or down: up to man’s ages-old dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motive, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.

It was delivered on behalf of Barry Goldwater’s run for president. But far more effectively, it established Mr. Reagan as a first-rate conservative voice in America.

Wait. Don’t leave yet just because you think you have heard the 1964 speech before.

Some time in Mr Reagan’s first term as president, circa 1982, while traveling in my car, I heard what I consider to be a very important expansion on that speech. I have repeatedly tried to find a recording or transcript of that later version, but I have never succeeded.

So I had a dilemma. Continue to search and wait to pass along what Mr. Reagan attempted to portray or pass along his words as best as I could recall. I made the decision a few years ago that until¬† someone answers my request to unearth the last version of that speech (someone like his speech writer Peggy Noonan or his most vocal and popular attorney now talk show host, Mark Levin) and provide the man’s actual words, I would on various occasions publish it. It is what I remember about Mr. Reagan’s more detailed explanation of the political mechanism that Americans find themselves saddled with and he meant for them to know it.

He clearly was attempting to provide us with a new model that could be used to override the Marxist model that he rejected. In my opinion he was correct in rejecting it. When we stick to the mono-directional model made famous by Marx and promulgated by our media, we are playing on the field of their choosing. Mr. Reagan offered us an alternative, and we ought to have learned to listen to him by now.

Please forgive me my inabilities to be precise. It is more important that those who love freedom know the essence of his vision as I recall them.

Thank you.

As best as I can recall, Mr. Reagan likened what he considered to be the Marxist political spectrum of left and right to a see-saw of a platform.

The Left would gain control, and they’d pile up programs on their side of the platform. The foundation beneath the platform would begin to sink from the weight of their efforts. This resulted in the platform being tilted noticeably. It made the voters feel uncomfortable. So the voters would turn to the Right to straighten things out. 

Well the right might try to prop up the left side a bit, and refill the foundation, but in doing so, they’d dig a hole under their side of the platform next. Those who gain power always have interests who want something back — usually in the form of legislation that favors them or taxes their competitors — for their support. Thus the weight of these efforts and favors repaid cause the platform to tip to the right this time. That sinking feeling leaves the voters uncomfortable again.

So the voters would then put the Left back into power. And the Left would begin to fill in the hole under the right, but pile up more programs on their side and drive their side of the platform even deeper into the foundation of America’s liberties.

And so it would go on, back and forth, Left and Right, Left then Right. Pretty soon the citizens of this great nation would find themselves in a pit of despair; a pit dug by the machinations of those who built up the oppressive weight of government. Government has been built up incrementally, one law after another, ruling upon ruling, practice becoming entrenched policy. And it was all done under the guise of representing a left or a right side, but both headed in one direction — into the pit of tyranny. All those vested interests would insist it stay that way. Worse, as they’d get more demanding they’d cloak it with fairness. They were owed all that they’d “earned” for their efforts to gain “their people” power in the past.

At some point the vast majority of Americans will insist on climbing out of the hole dug for them by this political machine — that single minded and ruthless incremental see-saw of power-seeking achieved by eating away at the foundation of our liberties. Taxes and regulations and busybodyness that is in no way justified in a nation dedicated to individual freedom.

Americans were passed a birthright containing the fresh air of freedom. It is what  our Founders had envisioned, and it is what our fathers fought to keep. And it’s pretty much still been available to most Americans for around 200 years. If we do not stop the digging soon, somewhere along the way, Americans will demand to be let out of this pit. May God bless them then as He has in the past.

It is my opinion [written in 2010] that the Tea Party movement is the realization of Mr. Reagan’s vision. We will no longer limit ourselves to the thinking that we must choose to accept a Left or a Right.  We are trying to climb out of the Marxist/Statist pit dug by influential forces who’ve been incrementally overriding the restraints on their power. We are seeking freedom from the tyranny of those tired old partisans who claim to be working for our common good but are enthusiastically enslaving us and our posterity. 

August 2, 2022

So why do I think this extension of Mr. Reagan’s A Time For Choosing has been deliberately buried? Psy-ops my friends. Everything that has developed has been to demoralize Americans and destroy the concept of Americanism. Mr. Reagan quite clearly believed that Americanism was an eternal concept that came into existence as a gift from Heaven. It also helped a great deal that our could have been king was George Washington. Such men are so rare that the only other one I can think of was Cincinatus back in 500 BC. Both men thought of their republics first. Reagan thought more of the sovereign American than did most Americans.

And that is why this version of Reagan’s model was kept hidden and apparently only this old man has the temerity to chance ridicule of being told I have an over active imagination, or suffer the charges of being a liar. The very fact the America makes each of us sovereign is why those who would enslave do not want us to know that Americans have it in them to recognize they are in a pit not of their choosing, and that we indeed do have it in us to climb out of it. Mr. Reagan envisioned it, and the globalists have done what they needed to do to keep that vision from you.


  1. I grew up in a solidly and determinedly Democratic family – almost all of them union members. My parents passed along their political beliefs, and those beliefs were echoed by our friends, family, and neighbors. The only contact I had with non-Democratic thought was with other students in my classes. I was in the high scoring track, along with children whose families were professionals and business owners. Almost all of them were Republicans.
    So, I drew the logical conclusion – that the Dems were for the working and poor people, and the GOP was for the rich. At that time, there was SOME truth to that belief.
    Over time, the Left made even heavier inroads into the bedrock of the Dems. They had always skulked around the fringes. During the early 50s and mid-60s, they hid their Leftist roots. After the so-called New Left became active in colleges, they began to step out of the closet.
    Well, we all know how that ended up. But, for many who grew up in the last part of the 20th century, the ingrained thinking is just about impossible to dislodge. Only the most desperate collapse of our economy will force those people to cast a vote against what they have come to think of as the “Good People”. We hit that point in 1980, after Carter (Piss be upon Him) had just about destroyed the American Dream.¬†
    The survival of the economy, the culture, and our very freedom is at risk. The real question is:
    Will that be sufficient to break the lockstep march to destruction of America?

  2. For me, the breaking point was 9/11. After that attack, and, in great part thanks to the early bloggers, I broke free of the Leftist Dream/Nightmar.

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