Choice observations from Dr. Robert Malone on Covid-19.

The truth is that at this point, we have no idea how many US deaths were actually due to the coronavirus because of the perverse financial incentives provided by HHS to hospitals and medical care providers, and grossly inappropriate use of PCR assays. The official mortality count attributed to the virus by the HHS is among the highest in the world. Many emerging economies have population adjusted mortality rates which are aligned with the Scott Atlas scenario. Haiti, which population chronically takes Chloroquine to prevent Malaria, has one of the lowest mortality rates in the world. Likewise the African Malaria belt countries.[1]


But the record clearly demonstrates that the real sin here was the active suppression of early treatment by the HHS Administrative State and its leading bureaucrats. Greater than 90% of deaths actually attributable to COVID were probably preventable.[2]


I am often asked whether Fauci, Birx, Woodcock, Peter Marks, Rochelle Walensky and that whole crowd will ever come clean. Will they ever admit their mistakes?

Hell no.

They will just double down in their efforts to hide their complicity in destroying our economy, the legitimacy of the entire HHS enterprise, bioethics, clinical research and regulatory affairs norms, hiding the toxicity of the genetic vaccines, and compromising the education and health of our children.[3]

Destruction of the economy wasn’t even an afterthought to these imbeciles. One of the things that was so maddening during the hysteria over Covid-19 was the complete absence from the public debate or official maneuvering of anything that resembled a national risk-benefit analysis. Instead we go “Mortal peril. Therefore, mad overreaction.”

You see the same thing with the gun controllers. A sparrow has fallen in the forests. Therefore, a massive official assault on one of the bedrock principles of our constitutional republic is in order.

Compare this approach to the thinking on the role of the automobile in the U.S. Tens of thousands or deaths result each year from the operation of automobiles on public roads but no moron takes the position that that risk of death is not outweighed by the obvious benefits of our all having access to cheap and overwhelmingly safe automobile transportation.

No. With Covid-19 it is and was all about narratives, and “narrative” is just a genteel way of saying “stinking propaganda.” As a nation we did untold damage to ourselves by accepting the lies and maneuverings of these disgraceful and dishonest human beings. On balance we showed that as a nation we are incapable of honest intellectual inquiry and debate. Search your memory banks and you’ll recall similar areas of public policy that are rife with similar denial and distortion.

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