This one is particularly piercing:

     The Six Flags CEO is having to explain the decision to raise prices and eliminate discounts at the company’s parks, in light of the emerging fact that attendance is down by 22% since the decision was made. He said in a statement that the price increase was a result of the company’s problems with what he referred to as “rowdy teenagers.”

     We realized that we had discounted too much and we were filling the park with the wrong kinds of customers. So, we only got the discounter or we became a day care center for teenagers. It was a cheap day care center for teenagers during breaks and the summers. So we began raising prices to reduce the numbers of rowdy teenagers running around.

     By rowdy teenagers, he means groups of feral black teens who had bought discount tickets before running amok in the parks and beating the shit out of customers who were paying full price. The Six Flag parks were becoming areas that families were learning to avoid.

     Please read it all. It’s short, punchy, and angering.

     I may have recounted this incident before, so please bear with me if you’ve already heard it. It’s from 1981, when I had begun to question the left-liberalism I’d been soaked in while in college. Two friends of mine, a white middle-class urban liberal couple who worked in higher education, were declaiming about racial injustice to me for reasons I can no longer recall. So I asked the woman whether it would be wrong to sell my house because an influx of Negroes was threatening the property values. She practically screamed at me that it would be my moral duty to remain where I am.

     Pretty words and pious sentiments cannot substitute for realism.

     Applause to Mike Hendrix for the link.


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    • Man in the Middle on August 14, 2022 at 5:27 AM

    I heard the same from my ACLU lawyer sister back then – very proud of living in a racially-integrated block of a major city, until hearing bullets fired became a weekly thing for her young family. She’s still as fervent a leftist as ever, but has from then on lived in a much-quieter neighborhood.

    I agree with the sentiment a bit. When I bought my first house, a black man lived next door, a fact my realtor warned me about repeatedly, even though to do so was illegal. Having him as neighbor didn’t bother me at all. Similarly, we’ve never bought a home in a gated community because black friends told us they wouldn’t be able to visit us there. I once had trouble getting admitted to a gated community for a church event, so I know their concern. Ironically, the home I had trouble getting to was that of Mike Singletary.

    • bob on August 14, 2022 at 7:26 AM

    what meant to say, but couldn’t,  is  reggins. this is the end result of “equality.  the so called “civil rights bill of 1964” has taken away what was originally the rights of property owners to do with their property what they want. and it is well on the way to killing what’s left of America.

  1. Man, it’s hard to cross post this, or the original, because it sounds so racist.
    Yet all my black friends, quite a few, would agree.

    1. It is racist, Ed. Or “race realist,” if you prefer the detoxified locution. I don’t hide it. I think it’s vital to the health of the Republic that we not hide it: that we confront the statistics squarely. Until the black race civilizes itself — note the “itself, as events have proved that we can’t do it — we have to keep apart from them. That’s not easy these days.

    • ontoiran on August 14, 2022 at 7:27 PM

    that’s exactly what killed astroworld

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