Salk or Sabin…

…or, BOTH?

BOTH varieties of polio vaccine have their drawbacks. They both have similar effectiveness, but the Salk (dead virus) doesn’t stop the spread, and the Sabin (live virus) can – occasionally mutate BACK into the nasty type of polio.

My question, other than the extra expense, is – why not do BOTH? Do the Sabin with the younger infants, to get that protection both painlessly and at an early age, then, for the kids who haven’t been immunized, before the kid heads into preschool/kindergarten, add in the Salk vaccine, which doesn’t mutate.

Administer the Salk type into the populations at the border – both local natives who weren’t vaccinated, and ALL – child and adult – who arrive without having gone through normal procedures. And, for the local areas where there is a mysterious outbreak of polio, administer the Salk vaccine there to ALL – child and adult.

It should be voluntary, not mandatory. My guess is that the problem of polio uptick is almost exclusively among those who received the Sabin vaccine. The Salk vaccine is both stable and well-tested, and should NOT need a federal program to get it into the hands of the health departments.

While we are at it, do a full hold/health inspection of any wanting entrance. If they carry a disease we don’t want, whether Monkeypox, Covid, or other communicable disease, kick them back to the border they violated to get here.

Now, after the Covid immunization debacle, will there be resistant populations? Of course. And, those people have GOOD REASON for their suspicions. We should never have a vaccine that is mandatory for all, nor required to be able to work.


    • OneGuy on August 16, 2022 at 9:57 AM

    OR control our borders and who enters our country!!  This isn’t this first example of deadly diseases brought here because our government no longer gives a shit and it won’t be the last.  

    • Robert on August 17, 2022 at 12:24 AM

    I and my siblings were all vaccinated with both the Salk and the Sabin treatments during our childhood.  It was our parent’s decision. 
    As my mother was recovering from polio, it was a pretty clear-cut decision.  There was a couple of years between the two treatments.  The passing years have reasonably established that they were “safe and effective”.  But most people trusted the government back then.  And both vaccines had been tested for several years by the time they were deployed.
    I remember years of seeing kids in elementary school who wore leg braces due to incomplete recovery from polio.  I do not know what happened to them as teenagers or adults.
    We will be dealing with the forced mRNA treatment debacle for the next 20 years or so as enormous numbers of people become disabled or die early from the side effects.  The government will lie continuously about the causes of “excess mortality”, but insurance companies have the real data now, and they are not about to take the projected losses.
    It is already too big to conceal.  “Gaslighting” is the only option left.
     No one should trust any medical programs or “mandates” from the government ever again.
    We should be closing our borders too.

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