That “Clunk!” Feeling

     You know it. If you’re a functioning adult you’ve almost certainly felt it: that sublime sensation when an insight strikes, and something formerly incomprehensible coalesces into perfect sense. I had it many a time when I was laboring in the STEM fields. It was always glorious.

     Allow me to ease into my subject with a gag line I rather like:

“I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals.
I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants!”

     (No, I’m not a vegetarian. And I have nothing against plants, except for the ones growing through the cracks in my driveway and patio. But I digress.)

     Perhaps you’re already familiar with this story:

     A Democratic New York state Senate candidate backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., celebrated her primary election victory by declaring “socialism wins.”

     Kristen Gonzalez, a tech worker whose campaign for the New York state Senate was backed by the Democratic Socialists of America and left-wing lawmakers including Ocasio-Cortez, made the declaration to cheering supporters on Tuesday after winning her primary election.

     “I know we’re saving the speeches for a little later, but today we really proved that socialism wins!” Gonzalez said as her supporters cheered.

     Socialism has an unbroken record of abject failure. In no sense that deserves an instant of respect can socialism be said to “win.” Yet there are now a handful of avowed socialists in the Congress of these United States, a country that was born from a rebellion in defense of property rights. Does that mean that socialism, somewhere, can somehow “win?”

     Perhaps it can “win” in the Stalinesque sense: kill off enough of your opponents and pretty soon the only men standing are your supporters. Or perhaps it can “win” through gerrymandering, as in New York City, or vote fraud, as in November 2020. But any other sense of “win” is inapplicable to socialism, the economic theory premised on the notion that you can rob productive Peter to pay shiftless Paul, and Peter will allow it to go on forever.

     Incomprehensible, right? I mean, you wouldn’t sit still to be shorn like a mindless sheep over and over again, would you? No one with more brains than a turnip could possibly believe it.

     Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t believe it.
     Kristen Gonzalez doesn’t believe it.
     Bernard Sanders doesn’t believe it.

     That’s beyond dispute, as their personal behavior is wholly capitalist. So what’s the explanation for their seemingly inexplicable stances?

     In a word, hatred. They don’t believe in socialism; they hate capitalism and the society that best exemplifies it: ours. Their advocacy for socialism – the fiction that it “works,” that there are large numbers of Americans demanding it, even dying for the lack of it – is just one of their tools for contriving America’s downfall.

     Clunk! Did you feel it? It all comes together with that one insight.

     We can ask why they hate America, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. They hate it; we love it and seek to preserve, protect, and defend it. It’s that simple. All the Left’s assaults on our laws, our children, our customs, our language, and our rationality have the destruction of our nation as their aim.

     It’s war, Gentle Reader. They’re aware of it and are fighting it a outrance, through deceit, slander, propaganda, lawfare, electoral fraud, and as much outright, authentic violence as they need and can muster. We’ve been resisting admitting it to ourselves. You know why, don’t you?

     Apropos of this subject, Mike Hendrix’s piece of yesterday is a clarion call. Read it from end to end. Read the pieces he links as well, and marvel at their authors’ unwillingness to confront the significance of the Left’s tactics and our affected helplessness before them. Once we admit to ourselves that TINVOWOOT – that evil forces control the election machinery and will do whatever it takes to cheat and steal their way to victory – we will be compelled to get off our asses and fight. But we’d rather just relax in front of the television, perhaps with a bag of chips.

     It’s a minute to midnight in the Land of the Formerly Free.

     See also this exhaustive piece by John Whitehead.

     “In the absence of orders, find a Communist and kill it.” — Matt Bracken


    • Dan on August 26, 2022 at 4:05 PM

    The mental defectiveness inherent to leftism means that morons like AOC etc. actually believe that socialism or whatever monicker is in current vogue is actually great and everyone MUST embrace it while simultaneously eschewing it in the pursuit of personal wealth.  An they simply are INCAPABLE of seeing the conflict between their statements and their conduct.  Concepts like irony, satire and hypocrisy are beyond their mental capacity.   They are defective human beings.  The cannot be fixed. The only correct response to their existence is to remove them from society to protect the healthy productive population.

    • Jean on August 26, 2022 at 10:54 PM

    I’ve been banned from more than one (“Conservative”) Reddit for saying this.

    These people are out to ensure they have power and wealth for eternity. Couldn’t care less who funds them or how, as long as they can never be removed from power.

    But you’re not allowed to pull back the curtain and show the dials and levers and switches, manipulated by the two wings of the same vulture. Many places are just pressure relief valves, and the Feds are looking for any and all people they can nudge into damaging (to us) resistance – preferably violent in action, especially if not ever acted upon (Whitmer kidnapping, was it?)

    It’s at the point where a Patriot sounds like a Glowie. But we’re at the point where we won’t have a choice but to gamble on who is which, and some will gamble well or get lucky, and others will not…

    The tree needs watering, though, and it takes both kinds to water the tree.

    TANSTAAFL. (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Aka, the cheese is free for a reason, and the second mouse gets the cheese.  )

    • Bob in Idaho on August 28, 2022 at 12:30 AM

    I am put off by pundits who write about how it’s pointless to engage in the political process. These pundits typially state that other writers who encourage readers to pressure their representatives to do the right things or vote for conservative candidates are losers, pansies or stupid. I would ask these keyboard warriors exactly how many BLM/Antifa/Socialists they personally have killed or wounded. Unless and until they have personally engaged in actual, physical combat with those they call the enemy they have no standing to deride those who continue to attempt to avoid bloodshed while opposing the left. There are lines that CANNOT be crossed and a man must know what they are and prepare/train for what he must do if they are crossed, but he should also strive to ensure that they are not crossed. That means working within the system up to the time that direct action is needed.

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