A bit of perspective on January 6.

Actually, ten billions tons of perspective on the “insurrection” on January 6.

There is only 1 thing I will not bend on–if there are rules for us, there must be rules for them.

They [Hillary and her friends] manufactured a lie about “Russian interference in the election,” caused insane investigations and got 1/2 the country to believe their president is literally an enemy foreign agent.

This is far worse for the social cohesion required for “democracy” than anything on J6.

They did this without regard for what kind of *irreparable* harm it would do to social cohesion–and, even worse, many of your [Dan McLaughlin, senior writer at National Review Online (NRO)] past and current colleagues at NRO and in the GOP were completely taken [in?] because they despised Trump so much.

And then jump-cut to the same people J6[ing?] and hand-wringing and pearl-clutching about Trump’s talk about “stolen elections.”

We don’t care now. Not even a little.

David Reaboi quoted in “NeverTrumper Biden Booster Baseball Cvck: Gee, This Biden Turns Out to be a Real Authoritarian Tyrant, Kind of Like What We Kept Claiming Trump Was.” By Ace, Ace of Spades, 8/25/22.