It’s Full Again

     The “FUT COL” folder is full again. Lately it fills faster than I can empty it, which results in some perfectly worthy material going un-commented-on. But I refuse to make every piece a grab-bag. So today, I’ll simply present a few thought-provoking graphics.


     Our first graphic is from Kenny “Wirecutter” Lane. It requires most to do a double or triple-take to get the significance:

     I encountered many pictures and stories of this sort when I did my research for the Futanari Saga. Yes, really. And yes, millions of dollars do flow through that peculiar trade each and every year. No, I’ve had no direct contact with it, but my discoveries were confirmed by people who have…including one rather wealthy individual who turned to that outlet after his wife left him. Chacun a son gout, I suppose.


     This pair of graphics pertains to the ongoing War Against Whites:

     This person:

     …murdered this man and wounded this woman:

     A Web surfer with time on his hands could collect enough such stories to fill a large volume. Ann Coulter comments on the case:

     Last Sunday, a college couple, 22-year-old Adam Simjee and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Mikayla Paulus, were driving through Talladega National Forest when they were flagged down by a black woman having car trouble. If I tell you the good Samaritans may have been National Review readers, you can probably guess that one of them ended up dead.

     As they were trying to fix the car, the woman, Yasmine Hider, pointed a gun at them and demanded they walk into the woods and hand over their phones and wallets. At some point, Simjee pulled out his own gun and started firing at Hider, wounding her. She shot back, killing him.

     The reason I suspect the couple were National Review readers is that the “good Samaritan” ruse was one of the bullet points in John Derbyshire’s famous “The Talk: Nonblack Version,” which got him fired from National Review in 2012—standing athwart history and mewling, “Please like me, liberals.”

     Please read it all. Ann hasn’t yet reached the point of full recognition and awareness, but she’s not far from it.


     A spot of humor would go well just now:

     And yea verily, it is so. What do athletes seriously offer the rest of us other than a bit of entertainment and, for some of them, a few funny commercials?


     The Soviets were the world champions at propaganda, subjugation, and control. A defector, Yuri Bezmenov, has told us the secret at the heart of their approach:

     Consider Bezmenov’s statement in the light of the mass media’s relentless attempts to persuade Us the Normals (© Kurt Schlichter) that we should just give up.


     With the Usurpers and their Demented Dummy telling us flat out that they plan to tax us even further, the following graphic has much point:

     Remember those 87,000 new IRS agents the Usurpers want to hire? They won’t just be auditing millionaires.


     Finally, in keeping with Heinlein’s Dictum:

     “Remind me,” Jubal told her, “to write an article on the compulsive reading of news. The theme will be that most neuroses can be traced to the unhealthy habit of wallowing in the troubles of five billion strangers. Title is ‘Gossip Unlimited’—no, make that ‘Gossip Gone Wild.’ ”

     [From Stranger in a Strange Land]

     …we have a graphic that expresses some good sense:

     Unless your name is Atlas, this is a dead-center bull’s-eye. Moreover, every time someone does this, it pisses off the Establishmentarians. They’re determined to own your mind. Deny it to them.


     That’s all for the moment. I might be back a little later. Until then, enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Good advice – I’m going to head to the deck, with a cold glass of water, and just sit. Maybe read a little – a REAL book.

    • FeralFerret on August 28, 2022 at 3:37 PM

    Excellent observations!

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