Ending DC?

Read the proposal – it’s not BAD, but I think the solution he makes is wrong.

Adam Ellwanger, in his post, suggests moving most of government – at least, that which is conducted in Washington – online. Congress, the Senate, the agencies, State Dept., among others.

Not a completely horrible solution to the issue of the inbred Washington culture, but it misses most of the point of the change.

He is under the mistaken idea that changing most of the staff jobs to be done at home will reduce the toxic interactions of the Deep State.

Don’t you believe that! In my experiences with online groups, they get MORE toxic and do LESS work, once online. They use Stack and MS Teams to get their SJW on. They become even MORE outrageous than they would be in person.

In person, it’s pretty obvious who the slackers are – they’re the ones running around creating chaos.

Online, a lot of that could be hidden, using various means to block the cameras, mute conversations, and play/gossip on their cells while putatively working.

A better solution is:

  • Move most of the agencies to Flyover Country, or similar remote places (as far as the Elite think of the locations). That would include Maine or New Jersey (Fisheries), Wyoming (Dept. of the Interior), Iowa (a great location for the Dept. of Agriculture). How about Detroit, MI for HUD? Let the bureaucrats see what their policies have created. You could probably suggest other new locations.
  • Offer a flat budgetary amount – NOT to be increased in the future. Make it sufficient to have a core group of secretaries/assistants continue to work in the Capitol – but no more than 5. All other needs have to be filled back at the location from which that person was elected – at the going rate for that state’s job market. Cap the rate for the highest paying states – no future increases in their budget. Let them live how the average employer does, when the government decides to come in with mandated pay increases – the employers have to eat the increase out of profits.
  • Sell or lease out the government building that are being vacated in Washington. In the hinterlands, the new buildings are to be leased from vacant ones – there is a lot of business space in this country – no need to build new monuments to the Elite.

ALL communication for those relocated employees is to be captured as government communication. They may NOT use a personal cell phone, except in emergencies or on their breaks.

The work output of employees will be monitored, whether working virtually or IRL, and the least productive 10% will be given their release each year. The agency or legislator’s budget will be reduced by that amount the following year.


    • Univ of Saigon 68 on September 1, 2022 at 5:40 PM

    “. . . Move most of the agencies to Flyover Country”

    Aren’t you afraid this would just metastasize the cancer?

    • Rick Happ on September 2, 2022 at 12:05 PM

    All good ideas. One more, tangentially related. Repubs need to act when next they have both houses, before the Dems can proceed with their plan to make Wash DC the 51st state. Instead, return 99% of DC to Maryland. Retain only the most central portion. And call this a budget maneuver so that it can be passed without a filibuster.

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