Death Cults Ascendant

     You know who they are. You’ve been reading about them for years now. Today it seems that they have us at their mercy. Perhaps the best measure of the height to which they have risen is their power to silence those who oppose them:

     It was revealed that Boston Children’s Hospital was promoting “gender affirming” surgeries for minors through a video series on their YouTube channel. These videos showed doctors giving details on cosmetic surgeries that have extremely high rates of complication, such a double mastectomies for healthy breasts, full hysterectomy of healthy reproductive systems, the reshaping of penile tissue to appear as the genitals of the opposite sex, and the shaping of “flaps” or pieces of flesh from arms or legs into phalluses that are then surgically added to females.

     Well it didn’t take long for media to come after me for exposing these practices. NBC, for one, believed the hospital, and slammed me and others for having done the reporting at all. NPR and WaPo came out with articles claiming my recording was out of context and misinformation. They claimed the people I spoke with didn’t know and the hospital said they don’t do hysterectomies so it must not be true. A hospital would never ever lie, right? NPR, WaPo, trans activists, and other bluecheckers straight up asked Twitter to suspend me for this dangerous misinformation.

     Two weeks ago it appeared they were against gender affirming hysterectomies on minors, this week they made their position clear. They are for it and just don’t want anyone knowing about it. Young girls are having their uteruses carved out and the media’s top concern is that people will find out. So they called for my suspension. A few short years ago, a journalist’s job was to research content, information, and leads to bring important news stories to the population. How times have changed. Now they just run cover for the Leftist agenda and silence those who dare oppose them. Thanks to their friends in Big Tech, they can call for their opposition to be censored.

     Shocking? Appalling? Which aspect shocks and appalls you more, Gentle Reader? That a “children’s hospital” is mutilating minor children, or that the journalist who exposed that hospital is being silenced and systematically hounded for doing so?

     Allow me to add a third element: there are “family physicians” who approve and encourage this monstrous practice:

     Words fail me.


     Time was, a “children’s hospital” caught doing what’s reported above would have been besieged and burned to the ground before two days had passed. Time was, a “family physician” who admitted to such practices would have been stripped of her medical license and prosecuted. Time was, a journalist who exposed such things would have been hailed as a noble practitioner of an honored occupation.

     Time was. When Americans were sane and decent and possessed a modicum of courage. Today the Death Cults have us by the throat. They’ve taken control of our governments, our schools, and our instruments of communication. He who dares to cross them swiftly discovers the breadth of their reach and the fury of their ire. Chaya Raichik could tell you.

     Yet in reality, they are few! The activists number perhaps a million at most. What gives them such power that they can silence a nation – especially this nation, where freedom of expression is among our highest and most hallowed principles?

     The answer is only two words long:

  • Organization;
  • Ruthlessness.

     They have clubs and channels of communication dedicated to their pursuits, and they use them. They pursue their ends with the single-mindedness of fanatics. They will employ whatever means they deem suitable, including intimidation and violence, to cow anyone who raises a voice against them. And We the Normals®, however outraged we may claim to be, seldom stir our stumps in response.

     When did you last read about an angry mob of parents tarring and feathering a “public” school teacher caught promoting homosexuality or transgenderism to his students? When did you last read about such parents storming a club of “gender activists?” Has it ever happened? Great God in heaven, we do nothing as they parade in the streets of our cities!

     What else could we expect but that their march will continue?


     We have had it demonstrated to us that uncritical “tolerance” is not a virtue. It’s been used to lash us into submission before some of the foulest, most life-denying practices Mankind has ever known. They who promote them have exploited our unwillingness to defend ourselves to rise to rule over us. The mildest statement of opposition to their advance is now called a “hate crime.”

     The death cultists’ hostility to human reproduction is the biggest imaginable giveaway. Abortion. Condemnations of procreation as “a cancer on the planet.” Homosexuality. Transgenderism. The scowling denigrations, expressed in a myriad of channels, of women who embrace traditional motherhood. Satanism and witchcraft clubs in “public” schools. They even argue in defense of pedophilia and “post-natal abortion.” How much more blatant could they be?

     It cannot go on.

     The time for “tolerance” is past. Cthulhu and his acolytes must be driven back into the darkness before the destruction becomes total.


    • NITZAKHON on September 3, 2022 at 8:08 AM

    When did you last read about an angry mob of parents tarring and feathering a “public” school teacher caught promoting homosexuality or transgenderism to his students? When did you last read about such parents storming a club of “gender activists?” Has it ever happened?


    The problem is simple: nobody wants to go first.  We still believe – how? – that somehow the “Rule of Law” and common sense will return.

    • Bear Claw Chris Lapp on September 3, 2022 at 8:48 AM

    Father in Heaven I pray for humanity.

    • SiG on September 4, 2022 at 3:09 PM

    The first thing I read about these “puberty blockers” was that they were chemotherapy drugs being used “off-label.”  That their intended use was treating cancers of the Genitourinary systems.   Notably prostate cancer.

    Because of that use, it’s hard for someone with no real data to tease out the important answers, but those drugs were associated with thousands of deaths per year and several times that number of severe side effects.  How many were due to the original cancer and how many were killed by the drug itself?  I don’t know.

    If the drugs are being used as chemotherapy, I would expect a different number of deaths than if they’re being used to treat healthy children.  I expect that the total number of people treated will go up since it won’t just be chemotherapy any more.  I just see no reason to expect there to be no deaths among these children.

    Which raises the question of just how many children it’s acceptable to murder in the name of “gender affirmation.”  I suppose that given their tendency to murder children up to the moment of birth  that any number is acceptable.

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