This Stinks More and More Every Day

Remember those “terrorist pipe bombs” that were put in place just before 1/6? Seems that they have been swept out of sight, with no effort to find those who put them there.

And, where is the media?

  1. Ignoring it all (Leftist Media and GOP Collaborators).
  2. Being cancelled. deplatformed, harassed, supoenaed, charged, and vilified (Non-Leftists – and Project Veritas and Breitbart were just TWO of the high-profile targets).

And, the recent push to criminalize/neutralize opposition is just SS/DD.

I think it’s highly likely that the Left already has their plans in place to steal the midterms. Don’t let that reality keep you from voting, but be prepared for that outcome.

What really worries me is the likelihood that the Repression will commence after that date, in earnest.

I mean, I enjoyed WATCHING The Godfather. I didn’t want to LIVE that experience.

[UPDATE: I found this shortly after publishing this post]

Clearly, the Leftists are attempting to use the power of a corrupt government to silence the leadership of the MAGA resistance.

What they seem not to realize is that MAGA adherents and their allies are not looking to their leadership to tell them what to do. They are self-organized, and perfectly willing to take the reins in hand.

The Left’s Worst Nightmare: An intelligent and capable group of Americans, willing to resist, and able to voluntarily self-direct.

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  1. I agree with your closing paragraph entirely. To that end, I wish to add

    to inform you, and anyone who follows the link, about a recent example of GOP collaborators and their canceling machinations. GOPe efforts to cleanse the party of any resistance to global influence even at the local level.

    Never give in, never lose hope, never shut up.

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