Starting Small

     The BLM rioters demonstrated that the “forces of order” were unwilling to enforce the law against them to maintain public order. Riots such as the ones that drove sociologist Charles Murray and other prominent conservative figures out of the halls where they were supposed to appear have reinforced that impression and emboldened the Leftists who seek to silence anyone to their Right. Just this past Thursday evening, Tomi Lahren was prevented by rioters from speaking at the University of New Mexico. So it’s solidly established that Leftist rioters can disrupt any event that doesn’t suit them.

     By comparison, this tactic looks very mild:

     There’s nothing like a useless, symbolic stunt to make a point. We know that leftists love to resort to symbolic actions, but you know who else does? Vegans.

     Over at Barstool Sports,Jordie tells us just how effective this silliness is.

     “How are you ever going to look at a chuck roast the same after seeing this video?” he asks. “How are you ever going to marinade [sic] a skirt steak for some carne asada tacos again after these heroes placed a bunch of roses on top of a steak previously priced at $5.19/lb but now on sale for $4.73/lb as if they were holding a funeral for a dead grandparent? Roses that they probably just purchased from the same grocery store approximately 4 minutes ago.

     “The answer is you can’t,” Jordie continues. “The war on meat is over, and these vegans ended it once and for all.”

     Yes, it’s silly and pointless…but let’s not dismiss it out of hand. Did any store employee attempt to prevent this mild disruption of the store’s commerce? When the vegan activists had departed, did the store clear the flowers away and check that the meat packages had not been pierced by rose thorns or anything else? Did anyone find any contaminations of previously certified-clean meat?

     There are vegans, vegans, and VEGANS. Some, having observed the flaccidity of the store before this silly demonstration, might be emboldened to go much further. Packages ripped open and hurled onto the market floor. Packages snatched out of shoppers’ baskets and treated similarly. Shoppers harangued, and possibly assaulted, as “murderers.”

     Don’t imagine that it can’t happen. Imagine it happening, and the store cadre wondering what to do. Imagine that they call on the local police…who decline to appear. And imagine what the store’s accountants would say in the aftermath.

     This is a dark time, Gentle Reader. “It can’t happen here” is a laugh line, not a reliable statement of fact. And we are sliding down a slope of ever increasing slipperiness.

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    • ontoiran on September 18, 2022 at 8:50 AM

    hahaha…if a vegan messes with my wife’s basket she’s going to make them eat any meat they mess up

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