The War On The Church

     You might not believe it – after all, the mainstream media never report on atrocities committed against Catholic churches in America – but it’s going on nevertheless.

     You see, the oh-so-tolerant Left considers us intolerable:

     THERE WAS NO winner in last month’s vote on abortion rights in Kansas. Technically, nothing changed after voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure intended to strip abortion protections out of the state’s constitution. When the race was called on the evening of August 2, every Kansan retained the same set of rights they’d woken up with that morning. But there was a loser: the ballot initiative’s largest financial backer by a long shot, the Catholic Church, whose dioceses squandered millions of dollars on the failed effort.

     The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City contributed $3.18 million, the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, $652,355; $175,000 came from the Diocese of Salina; tens of thousands more from smaller churches scattered around the state. The Kansas Catholic Conference threw in $275,000. Together, the donations amounted to well over half of the Value Them Both Association’s total haul — an “absolutely stunning” amount of money, says Jamie Manson, the president of the advocacy group Catholics for Choice.

     Come November, though, the exorbitant sum spent in Kansas may represent just a fraction of the Church’s political outlay this year. A record number of referendums on abortion will be put to voters around the country this fall. And in each of the states where an abortion measure is on the ballot, the effort to strip women of their reproductive rights is being largely bankrolled by the Catholic Church and its affiliates.

     Pro-abortion PACs and similar organizations spend many multiples of those amounts to promote abortion. The federal government subsidizes Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest provider of abortions. But don’t you papists dare to join a campaign against abortion. That’s just wrong!

     Stephen Kruiser has something to say:

     One of the more egregious fictions spread about Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign is that he was a man of deep faith and a practicing Roman Catholic.

     Well, he also pivoted from being an old-school “safe, legal, and rare” Democrat when it came to abortion to a full-throated NARAL and Planned Parenthood fanboy when he wanted to get elected president.

     Matt Margolis has the details:

     “The Biden administration wants to redefine pregnancy to include childbirth, lactation, and ‘termination of pregnancy’—that is, abortion,” explains Melanie Israel of the Daily Signal. “The administration’s three-pronged definition of pregnancy makes a notable departure from previous ones. Under Title IX now, women are protected from discrimination if they get an abortion. This means that with a doctor’s note, women receive medical leave from class or a sports team to recover.”

     “Abortion currently is a distinct issue that falls under ‘sex discrimination,’ but under the Biden administration’s change, abortion would be included as an aspect of pregnancy,” Israel continues….

     Under these new rules, access to abortion could be widely expanded through the public school system. The “abortion neutrality” provision of Biden’s new rules states that no individual or entity will be required to pay for an abortion, nor will they be prohibited from doing so. Furthermore, no one can be punished for exercising their constitutional right to choose their own reproductive health care, including having an abortion. Israel explains that these rules create a “gray zone” that “would mean that schools may ‘opt in’ to use Title IX as a vehicle for abortion education, referrals, or access.”

     That’s “your” federal government at work – but Catholics will be hounded out of the public discourse for daring to argue against this atrocity-via-stealth-redefinition.

     Quite a lot of federal tax money flows into the “public” schools, too – and look at how the men and women who “counsel” your teens are being trained:

     The group Courage is a Habit is making waves. Alvin Lui, founder of the movement to educate parents on the threats to children from woke cultists, bought a ticket to the American School Counselor Association conference this year and recorded the whole thing. And it’s a good thing he did.

     What he uncovered is a boiling cauldron of dangerous ideologies that are causing racial division and hatred, a gender crisis, anxiety disorders, increased suicidality, and an unbelievable admission that school counselors have taken children to get birth control against the wishes of their parents.

     That article especially deserves to be read in its entirety. However, you might want to keep your anti-rage medication near to hand as you read it. As Megan Fox notes, those counselors would show a gimlet eye to a rosary and be horrified by a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

     Could a counselor decide to be an ally to Catholic students by being visibly pro-Catholic with statues of Mary in her office and signs on the door that say “safe space for Catholics” and repeatedly attempt to normalize the use of rosaries? Obviously, that’s a ridiculous supposition. No one would allow that in a public school. But why do they allow the counselors to be “visible allies” to LGBTQ+ students? Why are they “normalizing pronoun use” and pushing these fringe beliefs on all students?

     But a Catholic parent who dares to raise his voice against these trends at a school board meeting would be labeled a “domestic extremist.”


     I’m in a state, as you can tell from the above. It isn’t often these days that I allow my glands to get lathered up. I’ve been about as numbed to the torrents of bad and worse news as most other Americans. That’s all that makes it possible for me to keep writing these rants.

     Among prominent American religions, only Catholicism remains staunch in defense of the sanctity of human life. Review the Church’s five “non-negotiables:”

  1. Abortion;
  2. Euthanasia;
  3. Human cloning;
  4. Same-sex marriage;
  5. Embryonic stem-cell research.

     Four of the five directly address the sanctity of human life; the fifth concerns a teaching laid down by Christ Himself when He wore the flesh. But all five cross-cut the agenda of the Death Cults. The masters and strategists of the Death Cults deem that intolerable, which I doubt requires any detailed explanation.

     Only the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, founded by Christ when He gave its care to Saint Peter, is consistent in these matters. And the Church is under attack from all sides for that alone.

     I don’t care what denomination you belong to. I don’t care how you feel about Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio and his farce of a papacy. I don’t care if you’re not a Christian of any kind. These are life and death issues, which makes them supreme above all others. If the defense of human life matters to you, you must help to defend the Church. There is no other morally acceptable position.

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