What Could Happen in the Event of Complete Collapse in America?

The left has their vision:

  • Threatened chaos, followed by the proles panicking and calling for heavy action by whatever Warlord is near.
  • The Heavy Hand of the Entitled Elites coming in to “save” the Unwashed Peasants from the consequences of their naive turn to Fascism.
  • Rule by EE/Our Betters.
  • Popuation reduction:
    • Mandatory contraception for the Unlicensed
    • “Gentle” death for the old (anyone not politically connected, or not creating more money for the EE
    • Ruthless, but “Compassionate” culling of the “Unfit”

Amazingly, the EE seem to believe that we who are being targeted will comply with their Authority. They really don’t know us, do they?

What will likely REALLY happen:

  • Financial institutions will be inaccessible. Completely surprising the EE, regular Americans and others present here will revert to Plan B, which is to use barter of services, informal sales of goods, and other non-official means to keep their families alive. Those that do so will NOT be paying taxes.
  • The “Truly Desperate” will squawk, threaten violence, and – when neighboring communities refuse to roll over and give in, shrug and do much the same as in the first item on the list. Let’s face it, MOST of those TD types do have resources, they just choose to live off easy money, given the option. Some of the absolutely essential supplies will be liberated (toilet paper, baby formula,etc.), and there will likely be some willing saps to deliver emergency supplies in the short term. Too many people to evict, so they’ll have a roof over their head. If it’s winter, they WILL suffer – energy will likely NOT be available.
  • In the absence of official government, those close to the border will self-organize, and Shut the Border. One problem solved.
  • Similarly, locals will likely take over operation of local security and services – civil order, fire, communications. Water, trash collection, etc.
  • The non- connected elderly/disabled will be at risk, if there are no family near. But, in most cases, family will step up for them. Some of them will die.

The Big Question: What will the military/Guard/Police do?

If they act as actual public service workers, they should be fine. The community will figure out how to pay them, in goods and supplies.

A whole lot of Not-Our-Friends in the Protection Racket will find themselves facing removal of all weapons/vehicles, and sent away. IF they live. Think of this as cleaning house for the New Times.

With the financial industry in meltdown, the positive side is that debts will be uncollectable. That will benefit the inprovident; the frugal savers will be largely hosed. It may be YEARS or even DECADES before the money system gets back in action. For the interim, if you have paperwork that says you owned it, it’s yours.

The non-essential services will not continue to be available: cable, phone, internet (unless the government steps in). No more premium channels, insurance. Amazon may well go under – without money services, who will pay them? Most of what they sell is not made in the USA, so expect China to get a reality check that says “if you owe the lenders large amounts, too bad for THEM”. They are the lenders who are going to find that their markets have collapsed, but also their ability to collect their collaterol. Good luck repo-ing the land, China. You may have a piece of paper that SAYS you own it, but you gotta manage to collect on that.

Health services people will likely find that they do better independently – nurses can provide most basic health care, docs will find that the old Depression model of setting up a small storefront and taking payment in kind works, and with little to no money to collect on, malpractice lawsuits will evaporate.

There are a hell of a lot of people (like me) working for industries that will not survive. That’s ok, I also have other skills – teaching, sewing, baking bread. I would expect that most of those reading this will be fine.

That’s just one idea.


    • CT Ginger on October 16, 2022 at 8:09 PM

    In such a collapse, the currency of choice will likely be silver or rounds of common ammunition, .22, 9mm, 12 ga etc.

    • bob PUCK on October 16, 2022 at 8:14 PM

    Knowing one redneck, will be worth more than knowing 1,000 PhD.

    • Dan on October 16, 2022 at 11:59 PM

    There’s been a ton of speculation about what may happen when TSHTF.  And it’s a when not if issue. 
    Nobody can say for sure.  The only thing that can be said with certainty is that it will be ugly and there
    will be a lot of bloodshed.   Prepare accordingly.   And the number one recommendation is to be as far away
    from crowds as possible.

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