Spurred By “A New Time For Choosing”

Some of you may recall I reposted about my recollection of the 1980s update to that 1964 Reagan Speech in August of this year.

Much thanks to Fran for alerting me about this new interest.

Since Dan Bongino saw fit to bring this new reminder to our attention, I saw fit to bring to his attention my recollection of the update. My note to Mr. Bongino explains why I think it is important. I surely hope my friends here agree.

To: https://bongino.locals.com/contact

In support of your efforts “Dan Bongino Showcases Jim Caviezel Mic Drop Moment Quoting Reagan’s “Time to Choose” Speech,” I beg you to read this decade old post.

Mr. Reagan updated his 1964 speech some time during his first term while in office. It has since been memory holed by the Establishment. Why?

Because in it he predicted the rise of what came to be called the TEA Party Movement. In my opinion, the combination of Reagan’s prediction and the 2009-10 anger with Obama and the lackluster GOP terrified the establishment. The greatest threat ever of losing control of the opposition to Leviathan had to be derailed. The IRS’ Lois Learner did all she could to keep [sic] to destroy them from both economic angle [sic] and regulatory angles. So the Establishment ordered both the Dems and GOPe to let that illegal interference go unchecked.

Please, try to unearth it. I cannot be the only person who heard it. There must be tens of thousands whose memory can be stirred. If you still cannot find it, then just read it aloud saying it is spurious, and only a partial memory, but it is interesting. You cannot help but notice that it sure sounds like him.  And it won’t take long to discover that I am no writer of fiction. I sometimes wish I were.

It is long past time that American Patriots know that Mr Reagan knew they would be out there. It will bolster their morale, something the establishment has worked hard to destroy as you know too well.

I am now more certain than ever that this update is feared by the Establshment. I know it exists — my imagination just doesn’t go in such directions. Hence it must have been deliberately buried, and kept that way by very powerful forces. So I will renew my efforts to make it better known. I surely hope Mr. Bongino has more courage and is less compromised than some others I’ve tried and failed to get to do something with it.


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    • Sam on October 26, 2022 at 12:10 PM

    Is this the one you mean?

    Reagan Foundation:


    1. Thanks Sam. You are not the first to point out the original version of the speech I am looking for. The part that Jim Caviesel quoted comes at the end of that 1964 version.

      No, the update I am looking for goes beyond the “take us down to the Ant Heap of Communism” of the original. He describes how the two parties with their give and take over the years will have dug us into “a pit of despair.” That key phrase really stands out in my memory.

    • Sam on October 26, 2022 at 12:31 PM

    This is a list of his major speeches during his first term. I haven’t listened to many of them, but don’t remember the one you are talking about.

    1. Thanks again Sam. I have gone through a list before. I don’t know if this is the same one yet. It is possible the one I am looking for was in the last list I searched or in this one.

      What I find astounding is that while many repeat phrases from the one you provided in your last comment, such as

      • “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
      • “A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth.”

      we don’t ever see repeated any of the phrases from the updated version (I heard close to 40 years ago) in this day of enormous displeasure with the pit of despair our despots are still digging for us.

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