Piebald Nation, Magpie People

     Well, it’s finally here: Election Day 2022. Until late this evening, those of us unwilling to break the law can know very little about what’s taking place. Unfortunately, there are quite a few who are willing to break the law. Whether they can cheat sufficiently to retain their grip on the federal Leviathan will be the determinant of much that follows. They managed it in 2020; we must not assume that they can’t do it again.

     It’s part of the cleavage that has riven the American people into two mutually hostile camps.

     The division isn’t principally a matter of ideology, or of attachment to particular government policies. It’s mainly about self-concept.

     We in the Right mostly adhere to the original conception of the United States as The Land of the Free. There are a few paternalists among us, but the great majority of us simply want to be left alone in our private pursuits. In consequence, what we want from government at all levels is to stay the BLEEP! away from us. Keep your cotton-pickin’ hands off our wallets and stick to keeping order in the streets. We can manage our own affairs without your “help.”

     Over there on the Left, they’re mainly persons who hold “an assumption of differential rectitude” (cf. Thomas Sowell). They regard themselves as our moral superiors. In their minds, that entitles them to boss us around. Questioning their self-assessment provokes behavior decent persons would prefer not to face. However, not questioning their self-assessment allows them to assume that we’re okay with having them run our lives.

     This cleavage in the American people is bringing about a cleavage in the nation. It’s assumed a fairly definite geographic shape. Those preponderant in one region are looked upon with disdain (at best) by those preponderant in the other. The current trend in intra-national relocations is slowly but steadily reinforcing that division. It’s also providing grounds for intensified intra-national hostilities. If you needed something to lose sleep over, you’re welcome.

     None of this should be news to any Gentle Reader of Liberty’s Torch. The driving processes have been at work for decades. What matters most is the division between the moral visions of Red and Blue America. Yes, such divisions have existed before. But never has one side preached to itself that its superiority justifies the subjugation of the other by any means necessary.


     Concerning today’s elections, there are two frightening possibilities:

  1. The Left’s attempt to steal the elections is successful.
  2. The Left’s attempt to steal the elections is unsuccessful.

     I wouldn’t blame you for doing a double-take over that. Yet both possibilities are rife with danger. The latter is the more dangerous one.

     While the balloting for Representatives is likely to be reasonably honest, there’s no question that the Left will try to steal enough votes in certain races to maintain its Congressional majority in the United States Senate. Evidence to that effect has already emerged in a couple of important states. If those attempts should succeed, the best outcome we could reasonably expect – even if the Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives – would be a continuation of Usurper policies. It would not be possible for the GOP caucus in the House to do anything to repeal or retard Usurper policies already in place. Remember the years of John Boehner’s Speakership? That would be the most likely pattern for 2023 and 2024.

     But what if the Left’s attempts to steal a continued Senatorial majority should fail? Republican control of both houses of Congress would thwart the Left’s agenda for a minimum of two years. Given the low probability that the Left could retain the White House after such a setback, it would signal them that politically, the game is up.

     If possible, put yourself into the mindset of a typical Leftist. You hold yourself to be morally superior to those in the Right: so superior that you regard your opponents as subhuman, even evil. Therefore, you believe your side to be morally justified in doing whatever is necessary to retain political hegemony.

     But you’ve tried all the non-violent methods you can think of, including all the various tactics of vote fraud that worked so well in 2020. There are no peaceable tactics left for you to try. As matters stand, the Right will hold both Houses of Congress and would be likely to regain the presidency – an unthinkable outcome.



     The import of the above is simple:

If you aren’t frightened,
You haven’t been paying attention.

     Now more than ever, it’s vital for decent Americans who simply want to be left alone to brace themselves for an ugly sequel. Some prominent persons in the Right have already been targeted. Should we succeed at the polls, it will get worse. Our political opponents will be both desperate and animated by a conviction of moral righteousness. The combination would be deadly. It certainly has been in the past.

     The danger would be worst for conservatives in Leftist-dominated regions. Most such persons are known to hold convictions that diverge from what prevails locally. We tend to be outspoken. While diverging and being open about it hasn’t endangered us in the past, the developments of the last couple of decades have changed all such evaluations.

     From this point forward, there are no small mistakes. Keep your powder dry, your pantry full, and your loved ones close.