Time to Watch Idiocracy Again

It might be useful to give me strategies to use with the apparently Dullard Public of Fellow Citizens and Wannabes. And Virtual-Only “Citizens”.

It’s not simply the election of that brain-damaged Fetterman – it’s not like he was all that smart to begin with. It’s the open cheating, the dumped ballots (Don’cha know that it’s a manifestation of the Miraculous Feast of Dem-Controlled Balloting? Occurs every two years, just when the Average American Citizen wises up to the fact that they are being ruled by Crooks, Dullards, and AWFLs (Affluent White Female Leftists).

The Miracle ‘spontaneously’ occurs just when all hope seems lost, and those “Horrible Semi-Fascists” are on the verge of pulling off a Win.

At the very last moments, truckloads of ballots – SUDDENLY and UNEXPECTEDLY discovered – Honest Injun! – arrive to save the day!!!!


It’s all as predictable as the repeated appearance of spinach, at the very last moment before Bluto pulverizes Popeye, that turns the tide and enables the Hero to beat that Villain.

Or, from the Actual Conservative’s perspective,

Good Grief!


    • RJW on November 13, 2022 at 12:01 PM

    From all appearances, playing the stolen election card ain’t gonna cut it anymore if the GOP wants to get serious about winning future elections.

    • Thomas Flinchum on November 13, 2022 at 1:41 PM

    SURPRISE!!!  (not)

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